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Nothing pleases Brock and Izzy more than getting crazy on the pool cover! Watch them slip 'n slide all over the place...boxer style!
Added: 15th August 2014
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What It's Really Like To Have Kids
What It's Really Like To Have Kids. Yep...
Added: 3rd March 2014
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Clydesdale Horse Saves Puppy - Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII
Watch Budweiser's Super Bowl XLVIII commercial following the special friendship between the Clydesdales and a puppy. #BestBuds budweiser.com Music: Let Her Go by Passenger 2012
Added: 30th January 2014
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Trick Dog Champion Just Jesse the Jac
Just Jesse the Jack is the First Jack Russell Terrier Trick Dog Champion (TDCH); achieving the title through Kyra Sundance's Do More With Your Dog program. Jesse demonstrates his skills in performing a large number of difficult tricks; as well as his abilities to exhibit a variety of foundation behaviors of different aspects. Jesse also earned his Novice Trick Dog Title (NTD), Intermediate Trick Dog Title (ITD), Advanced Trick Dog Title (ATD), and Expert Trick Dog Title (ETD). Jesse knows a wide variety of tricks, and loves learning new things. He is continually expanding his vocabulary and challenging his mind by learning different tricks. Tricks are a fun activity that Jesse and I both enjoy. The enhanced communication and bond that comes from spending time together is what encourages us to work on more exciting and challenging tricks together. "Congrats to new Trick Dog Champion, Just Jesse the Jack! His owner, Heather Brook, and I go way back, and worked together on the BH Chihuahua 2 movie. They have such a close relationship and are a pleasure to watch perform."~Kyra Sundance Interested in doing more with your dog? Head on over to Kyra's website to learn how you can earn your Trick Dog Titles: http://domorewithyourdog.com/ pages/trickdogtitle.html
Added: 12th April 2013
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Cat Takes A Shower In The Sink
Aren't cats supposed to hate water? This cat plays in the sink like it ain't no thang! For more hilarious pet videos check out http://www.petsami.com
Added: 11th December 2012
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