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Beautiful Footage: Chameleons Are Amazing
Watch these charismatic creatures shoot their tongues out like arrows to catch an insect, mimic leaves swaying in the wind, and display their hidden colors.

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Scary Mouse Prank
After putting the cheese in front of the single mouse trap in an empty room, unsuspecting women turn around to find a huge numbers of mice running around the other corner of the room!!! Scary little buggers!!!! http://gags.justforlaughs.com
Added: 5th October 2012
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A Tough Teacher's Alter Ego - Emotional!
Steve Hartman meets the students of St. Francis High School near Los Angeles who thought they knew everything about their math teacher, Jim O'Connor. But what they found out at a local hospital taught them a life lesson.
Added: 21st March 2014
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An Elephant Learns to YoYo
An Elephant Learns to YoYo
Added: 8th July 2015
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Last Weather Forecast You'll Ever Need
Is it hot where you are? If so after watching this, you may actually think it's cool... On WTVR CBS 6 in Richmond, VA, weatherman Aaron Justus provides the last weather forecast you'll ever need. My favorite part was the line about the coyote!
Added: 1st July 2012
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