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Bird Feeding Fish
bird give food to fish and tricly catching it.
Added: 31st August 2014
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I Am His Hands. He Is My Eyes. - The Friendship That Built a Forest
In the village of Yeli, China, two men have formed an unlikely team to improve their community. Sixteen years ago, Jia Haixia lost his eyesight. His best friend, Jia Wenqi, lost his arms as a child. Together, the two have planted 10,000 trees around their village and have become an inseparable duo.

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Dominoes in Cinema Style!
A 6000 domino setup filmed with cinema lenses to make it look extra epic.

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A story about forgiveness
An inspiring story about two friends who learn something special about forgiveness together. It reflects those experiences in our life that get us thinking -
Added: 26th April 2016
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Tags inspirational friends forgiveness story

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Cat And Dog Play King Of The Mountain
A dog struggles to get food but it kicked off the couch by a cat! For more hilarious pet videos check out
Added: 10th September 2012
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