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Top 10 DUMB Life Hacks You SHOULDN'T Try
Life hacks are intended to make our days easier and our tasks less complicated, so how is it that there are hacks out there that either serve no purpose or exist solely to harm? The internet, that’s how! To save you the hassle and headache, we’ve compiled ten life hacks that you should undoubtedly steer clear of.

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17 Funny Puppies | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017
From Dalmatian puppies chasing around their pen, Jack Russell terrier puppies wrestling each other, to a shar pei puppy confused about a strawberry, these are just a few of the funny puppies you'll find in this funny puppies video compilation.

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Coolest Dog Bark Ever!
Open that door... right now!
Added: 9th March 2014
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RC - IG Warbird CH - Mollis 2013
A small warbird meeting at the end of the season in the Swiss Alps. Ein kleines Warbirdtreffen zum Saisonabschluss in den schweizer Alpen.
Added: 3rd December 2013
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Baby Loves Goats
Baby Sage (14 months old) is at a petting zoo for the first time in his life. He thinks all of these goats are dogs, and he loves dogs. He runs up to nearly every goat to hug them and rest his head on the goats in the most loving way. He's precious!
Added: 20th May 2012
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