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Family Forever!
Chinese New Year is always a time for reunion. Whatever differences we may have as a family, there\'s always a way to overcome them. So let\'s come together as one family during reunion dinner. After all, family is forever.
Added: 27th January 2012
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Cool Cat Has His Own Elevator
The more comfortable way to get into the garden... The elevator is fully operated by the cat. the cabin is fitted with an infrared catflap, only the domestic cat has access.

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Rude Cat Hates Flute Music
Apparently this kitty doesn't like flute music, and is very insistent that she stop RIGHT NOW!

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Bracken Bat Cave
Meet the men responsible for protecting and showcasing the largest colony of bats in the entire world. Fran Hutchins Bracken Bat Flights, near Natural Bridge Caverns Phone: 210-651-6101 Like Texas Country Reporter on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ TexasCountryReporter TCR #1304, 08-25-2012
Added: 10th October 2012
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