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The World's Most Expensive Cheese Is Made from ...
We're all familiar with goat cheeses and cow's milk cheeses, but what about cheese from donkey milk? At the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve in Serbia, Slobodan Simic creates the world's most expensive cheese with milk from his herd of donkeys. Donkeys only produce a tiny amount of milk, so that "coupled with the fact that Slobodan is the only one with the "means that his cheese goes for around $500 dollars per pound

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Michelle Jackson -  Amazing People Series
Michelle Jackson left her job in the corporate world to help her neighbors in Osborn, a neighborhood in Detroit. She founded the Connor Creek Food Pantry, where once a week, people in need can get fresh and healthy food for free. Forgotten Harvest helps supply her with fresh vegetables and food, but she still has to turn away as many as 400 people every week. People who come to Michelle's food pantry often take the food for themselves and for neighbors in need. Michelle has even given food out of her own refrigerator when her food pantry runs short. When the lease for Connor Creek Food Pantry ended, Michelle couldn't afford to renew or move to another facility until "5-hour ENERGY Helps Amazing People" presented her with a $50,000 check. With the $50,000 from "5-hour ENERGY Helps Amazing People", Michelle plans on feeding at least 50,000 more people in need. For more information visit http://www.forgottenharvest.org
Added: 28th August 2013
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Puppy Loves To Swing
A dog has the time of his life swinging on a swing. http://bit.ly/xTjPge
Added: 28th July 2013
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Dorf On Golf
Tim Conway stars in a satirical how-to video which he plays a diminutive, dark-haired Scandinavian known as Dorf.
Added: 21st September 2016
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National Beard and Moustache Championships
In this episode of Subculture Club we traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the 2012 National Beard and Moustache Championships. Meet the largest community of men dedicated to growing and celebrating their beards and mustaches! You have never seen so much epic facial hair until you watch this video! Watch more episodes of Subculture Club http://bit.ly/P31L6s
Added: 30th November 2012
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