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Smart Police Dog that can get in and out the police car by himself !
smart Police Dog that can open and close police car door

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Beautiful Scenes From the Snowstorm in Washington, D.C.
Spanning nearly a thousand miles, the snowstorm that hit the East Coast of the U.S. this past weekend left record snowfall in many places. For Washington, D.C., almost two feet of snow fell. In the midst of the storm, some residents explored the city—this video captures moments when normally bustling streets are turned into quiet winter wonderlands.

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Paige Spiranac takes golf to the streets - Rumble
When the course just isn't enough...
Added: 6th April 2016
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Insane Urban Downhill Mountain Bike
Marcelo Gutiérrez dodges power lines, walls, and street signs in the narrow back streets of Chile and Slovakia during the intense competition of urban downhill.

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