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Meet Warren May - Kentucky Furniture Maker in Berea, KY.
Native Kentuckian Warren A. May has spent his lifetime working with wood. Born and raised in a pre-Civil War two-story log home in Carroll County, Warren was the youngest of ten children. He earned his Bachelor and Masters degrees from Eastern Kentucky University where he was trained in classical woodworking. He and his wife, Frankye, have three daughters and live on a farm near Berea, KY. 110 Center Street Berea, KY 40403 Phone: 859-986-9293 http://www.warrenamay.com/
Added: 20th August 2017
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Rocket Launcher EXPLOSION Prank!
The police have a new weapon to stop law breakers - a huge ****** rocket launcher! It makes stuff explode in a huge ball of fire, and the cops are not scared to use it! goo.gl/wJxjG
Added: 12th April 2014
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DOUG SMITH - Stars And Stripes Forever  | Guitar
Doug masterfully covers Guy Van Duser's arrangement of our nation's proud anthem, "Stars & Stripes Forever". Listen for the piccolo part at which point there are 2 melodies at one time!
Added: 28th July 2014
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Getting too Close to a Gorilla Leads to Unexpected Consequences
Gorillas have become increasingly more accepting of Charlotte and the crew, but this leads to an unexpected incident for the cameraman.

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Enter Sandman - Iron Horse - Bluegrass
The Iron Horse Bluegrass band covers Metallica's 1991 smash "Enter Sandman." For more info on Iron Horse music and booking, visit www.ironhorsebluegrass.com.
Added: 10th September 2013
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