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Man Teaches Seagull How to Dance
Casually taught a sea gull to tap dance during my lunch hour in New Quay Wales haha.

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Flip: High-Intensity All-Girl Dance Group Slays With a Royal Routine - AGT 2016
Using a throne, tigers and beats by Fleur East and Destiny's Child, Flip gets the crowd moving!

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HOLDERNOPOLY! Starring: our awkward family photos in MONOPOLY
It's Family Game Night with the all new MY MONOPOLY! Check out our favorite (and most embarrassing) Holderness family moments. Thanks Hasbro for sending us this fun new way to play MONOPOLY! Read more at TheHoldernessFamily.com
Added: 7th August 2014
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Snow Day with Buddy
Golden Retriever Playing in Snow in Slow Motion

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Art Gallery Fail
http://gags.justforlaughs.com People are asked to hang a painting on the wall, easier said than done... especially when the air conditioning is on. For this art gallery fail prank we were inspired by what happened at the Louvre Museum.
Added: 2nd August 2012
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