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What makes Sheena smile
Here at Best Friends Dogtown we strive to find what makes a dog smile. Sometimes though it's kind of hard to tell.

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Baby Horse And  Dog Play Tag!
Rescued Nurse Mare Foal baby horse wants to play tag with dog.
Added: 1st March 2012
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Bill Gates's Favorite Business Book
Bill Gates shares his thoughts on John Brooks, author of his favorite business book Business Adventures, a collection of twelve stories that originally appeared in The New Yorker. www.gatesnotes.com/
Added: 16th July 2014
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Honey-trapping Bears - Wild Japan - BBC
This beekeeper has found a humane way of preventing bears from stealing honey, and with the help of local conservationists, relocate the bears to safer areas.

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This chicken loves horses
A woman went out to her barn to check on the horses and found a chicken perched on one's head!
Added: 22nd June 2016
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