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Storm And Shadow Meet Finn, An Extremely Patient Cat.
Our 6 week old foster puppies absolutely LOVE our cats. Well, they absolutely love everything... And yes, I am aware that there is straw on the floor. Comments telling me how filthy my house is will be removed, it's just from my other dogs coming inside.
Added: 23rd March 2014
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Cinderella's Fella (w/ David Grisman) | Collaborations | Tommy Emmanuel
Cinderella's Fella played by Tommy Emmanuel and David Grisman.

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How Does Big Ben Keep Accurate Time?
When parliament commissioned this clock in 1854, they insisted Big Ben be the biggest, most powerful clock in the world. It takes an hour and a half to wind this massive engineering marvel!

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Hidden Camera Prank Cranky Dad
Four year old sets up a hidden camera prank on her dad.
Added: 2nd December 2011
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