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Unicycling Darth Vader Upgrades To Flaming Bagpipes
Portland-based performer Brian Kidd, aka 'The Unipiper', recently put on his Darth Vader costume, grabbed his unicycle and set out to test his newly upgraded flaming bagpipes.
Added: 10th September 2013
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Meet Ron Heiden - Restoring Old Wooden Cars
Ron Heiden of Heiden's Woodworking specializes in restoring old wooden cars. He firmly believes he's putting history back on the road, one Woody at a time, and he never tires of making owners smile.

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Walking Silo - Look Out
A silo collapses in a freaky way
Added: 16th September 2012
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Whipped Cream ALL OVER Prank
FYI: the popular whipped cream diet causes serious leakage!
Added: 4th December 2013
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My Waffle Wedded Wife
Andrew & Melissa, a groom's gaff, a brides laughter, a joyful union! Brought to you by Genesis Video Productions Bellingham, Wa. WWW.GENESISVIDEO.NET
Added: 30th July 2012
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