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The Northern Bald Eagle Makes a Mighty Comeback
In the 1960s, there were less than 1,000 bald eagles left in the wild. Today, thanks to strict regulations, they are rebounding. That's reason enough to celebrate America’s iconic national bird.
Added: 16th September 2016
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Animals Playing On iPads Compilation
You may or may not be surprised, but there are many animals playing on tablet computer. More funny Videos on
Added: 18th April 2013
Views: 5798

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Awesome Couples and Duos - People Are Awesome 2018
Train together, stay together! These workout partners and awesome duos make fitness look fun. See any new challenges you'd like to try?

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GIANT Hall Springfield Bulldog
Radial Engine and 4 Stroke Engine Meeting at QUAX 2014 Harald Jezek flies his giant Bulldog model data: Spw./Wingspan: 4.2m Gewicht/Weight: 58 Kg Motor: Vallach VM R5-420 have fun !
Added: 27th September 2014
Views: 4553

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Little Girl Meets Kitty
Little Girl Meets Kitty. Camera - Canon 550D
Added: 9th March 2012
Views: 10560

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