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Eagle, Fox and Two Cats All Getting Along
See how the fox, eagle and cat are all just fine hanging out and no one is trying to attack anyone and they are getting along just fine? Notice the eagle in the background on the lamp post down by the street. That is the partner to this eagle. They aren't always out to attack and kill each other. The fox and eagles and cats basically get along just fine here. Sometimes if there is food they might fight over the food some. This is in Unalaska, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. Also, earlier in the day when the fox first came Gizmo the cat went right up to the fox and told him to leave. It was too funny! But the fox came right back!
Added: 27th March 2012
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Amazing LEGO Machines Compilation
Lego Machine | Lego Machines That Work | Lego Structures | Amazing Lego Structures | World's Biggest Lego Structure | Lego Creations | Lego Rubick's Cube Solver | Lego Machine Gun | Lego Factory | Lego Loom Machine | Cool Lego Machines

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Where Did She Go - It's Magic
An incredible magic performance by 'Kamyleon' at the 'World's Greatest Cabaret' in Paris, France.
Added: 14th August 2012
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