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Watch Wild Brown Bears in Estonia
Every year hundreds of tourists flock to Estonia to watch an amazing rare spectacle in Europe - brown bears in their natural habitat! There are about 300 bears in the Alutaguse area of Estonia so chances are high that you could spot one of these magnificent animals. facebook.com/uzooanimals

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Bobby Tanner and his Coleworx Screamin Blue Buggy so he goes up an almost verticle wall! http://www.facebook.com/bustedknucklefilms
Added: 25th March 2013
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Fiona's Amazing Story!
Caution: Hanky Alert! Today's video tells the touching story of Fiona, a dog in need of rescue. When the call came in to Hope For Paws, they went looking for the dog right away. As soon as they saw the her they realized she was blind in both eyes so they allowed her to smell them before they attempted to touch her... A video with a very sad beginning but a truly happy ending! Visit: http://www.hopeforpaws.org
Added: 22nd March 2012
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The Art of Fishing
Watch what one fisherman, Joel Woods, does to make his work and life more exciting and fulfilling! Through photographs, you will see the life of fishing through a rare eye. The results, I'm sure you'll agree, are simply breathtaking and will help you look at your own workday in a whole new way!

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Hot Dog In The Face Prank
Free Hot Dogs! Yum! The old man in the wheelchair wants one too, but when victims reach down to grab one for him, the weiner comes flying out of the bun, right into his face! http://gags.justforlaughs.com
Added: 10th January 2013
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