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Manny The Selfie-Taking Cat
This Cat Takes Better Selfies Than You.

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Kittens Who Really Doesn't Want to Share Their Food Compilation
Those are some really hungry kittens... Stay away! These kittens really don't want to share their precious food with you, or anyone else.

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Honey: Bacteria's Worst Enemy
It may not look like it sitting in that cute bear bottle, but honey is a supercharged bacteria-killing powerhouse!
Added: 14th May 2016
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Tags SciShow science Hank Green honey bacteria Honey: Bacteria

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Overboard Maverick- Dog jumps on Dolphins
This is a video of a German Shepherd jumping in on some dolphins while we were underway in our boat. I guess he wanted to play with the dolphins lol Thanks for watching
Added: 11th October 2014
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Unusual Horses: Akhal Teke
Unusual Horses: Akhal Teke
Added: 25th June 2016
Views: 3193
Tags Unusual Horses Akhal Teke

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