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Border Collie Zow and Amazing Dog Tricks
Border collie Zoe performing amazing dog tricks, movie made using Canon 7D by Alicja Zmys http://zolczak.blogspot.com
Added: 21st February 2013
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Walking - Not So Simple When You Have A Cat
Walking - Not So Simple When You Have A Cat facebook.com/SuzieTheBombCat
Added: 25th February 2014
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Goats Finally get to eat sunflower garden!
The Goats favorite day each year is when I unlock the gate to the pen where we grow the sunflowers and let the herd feast! They spend all summer trying to reach the flowers over the fence and are very excited when they can finally get in and taste them! They all come running for the fun and everyone munches until the sunflowers are gone! A fun way to end each summer and celebrate the transition to fall and it's also good for the goat and the cheese maker! Sunflower seeds contain vitamin E, zinc, iron, and selenium and also add fiber and fat to the diet. They make goats’ coats shinier and increase the butterfat in their milk. We sometimes mix the seeds into our goats’ grain, but they like them best when they think they are being naughty and stealing them from the sunflower garden!
Added: 4th October 2016
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Tags Sunflower Farm nigerian dwarf goats sunflowers

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Sweepstakes Rides Again!
NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Carl Edwards takes the ride of a lifetime as he gets behind the wheel of Henry Ford's first and only race car, Sweepstakes.
Added: 18th November 2013
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Shortest Wedding in History!
A bride and groom are coming out of the church while people hold the door open for them. They're already arguing, and the bride hands the bouquet to the stunned victims and storms off. http://gags.justforlaughs.com
Added: 1st February 2013
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