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Tips for Finding and Working with Reclaimed Wood
Raun Meyn is a third-generation craftsman. His material of choice? Reclaimed wood. He uses it to make desks, tables, dressers, beds, bookcases, accent walls and more, a lot of which can be found in his Chicago home. In this video, Meyn shares tips and tricks for finding and selecting a good piece of reclaimed wood. Meyn finds reclaimed wood everywhere barns, torn-down sound barriers at an airport, an old city water tower. He takes the pieces to his shop to sand or plane them down into clean pieces of usable lumber that’s full of character.

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In this funny dog video, this pooch will have none of it when a baby tries to get in his doggy bed. He flips the bed over and runs away with it leaving the toddler confused. http://www.youtube.com/petsami
Added: 11th October 2013
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Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea
The eruption of Mount Tavurvur volcano on August 29th, 2014. Captured by Phil McNamara.
Added: 7th September 2014
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AMAZING Cat Feeding Ducklings DAY 6
Amazing footage on DAY 6 of the ducklings with their mother cat!! Track 'The Butterfly Song' by Harry Bird & The Rubber Wellies. Thanks for letting us use it! xx Filmed & edited by Maura Cunningham.
Added: 29th June 2014
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Scary Mannequin Hat Girl Prank
http://www.hahaha.com Shoppers are scared out of their mind by a screaming woman made up as a realistic looking hat mannequin head.
Added: 9th November 2011
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