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Man Rides His Bike 4,000 Miles to Honor Heroes
Bob Votruba, founder of One Million Acts of Kindness, decided to honor heoroes by riding in a bicycle tour from CA to Ground Zero in NYC. The ride, called the Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes, covered 5 boroughs, 212 firehouses & 76 police precincts.
Added: 17th May 2017
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Swan Mom Attacks Man Rescuing Her Baby | The Dodo
This swan mom was so upset that a guy was trying to grab her baby - until she realized why.

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Diving Cat = Woops!
Cat tries to jump but mis calculates.
Added: 19th December 2011
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Karate Demonstration Fail Prank!
How to score a karate knockout. A self-help guide: (1) Have no training whatsoever, but wear a uniform with a fake Karate-Kid-looking bandana (2) Tell people you can chop a board in two using only your forehead (3) Smash your head into a thick, unbreakable plank of wood (4) Pass out cold and then suddenly jump up and scare them http://gags.justforlaughs.com
Added: 4th March 2013
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Wild Elephants Charge after Camera Crew
While looking for tigers, Steve Backshall and the Deadly 60 meet an unexpected danger: aggressive asian elephants defending their family.

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