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The Story of Ian & Larissa
a documentary of Ian & Larissa's amazing story. A Citygate Films Production Directed, produced, and written by Carolyn McCulley Director of Photography: Michael Hartnett Additional cameras: Shepherd Ahlers, Andrew Laparra Location sound: Stefan Green Production consultant: David Altrogge Original Music by Roger Hooper Edited by Suzanne Taylor Additional editing: Stefan Green, Andrew Laparra Sound mix and design by Dallas Taylor, CAS
Added: 1st November 2013
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The most EPIC tree removal
Cutting down of a 50 meter mountain Ash tree. These trees had been damaged by another fallen tree and also had decay at the base. being so close to a house unfortunately they had to be removed.
Added: 16th October 2016
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Tags tree removal fruitarian rawtil4 arborist tree fails climbing fitness workout

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Johnny stumbles through his Father's Day Jokes, 1979
Johnny on Father's Day and where Ed gets his Father's Day cards from. 6/15/79

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Poodle Pups Climb to New Heights | Too Cute!
These miniature poodle pups seek new heights while exploring a stack of hay. www.facebook.com/AnimalPlanet
Added: 29th March 2014
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