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Pro Wakeboarder Alexa Score Defies The Odds
Alexa Score is a 23-year-old professional wakeboarder. When she was 16, she found out she had chronic?myeloid leukemia. Even with this obstacle in her way, she managed to pursue her dream by making it a reality and raising the bar for women's wakeboarding. hooplaha.com
Added: 23rd August 2014
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Washed Up - Simon's Cat
"A sleepy cat gets a rude awakening!" simonscat.com
Added: 5th September 2014
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Loving Life With Her Animals
This young lady ( Don't know her name ) sure seems to be lovin' life with her twelve animals: Nana the Border Collie, Kaiser the Bengal cat, Shorty the opossum, and her nine rats. Going for runs, climbing, doing tricks, pouncing shadows on the beach sand... this short video showcases some of the many things her animals enjoy doing. It's obivious that she LOVES her animals! :) Website: useyourclicker.com/ Music by Josh Woodward: joshwoodward.com/:
Added: 1st July 2015
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Bubba Watson's Hovercraft Golf Cart
Bubba's Hover - a project by Bubba Watson and Oakley. Golf carts haven't changed much over the years. They look and feel the same. What if there was a way to improve the traditional golf cart concept and take away some of the limitations? That is what Bubba Watson and Oakley set out to do. They created the world's first hovercraft golf cart. Using hovercraft technology, the BW1 is able to glide over any terrain, including grass, sand, and water.
Added: 2nd April 2013
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1 Day Old Baby Goat Leaps Through First Walk!
We are naming all the kids this season after presidents vice presidents, first and second ladies as a warm and fuzzy tribute to the power of voting this election.

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