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Jerry Lewis Jitterbug
Jerry Lewis is a goof, but a pretty good dancer! It takes a bit of skill to balance goofy gestures, accuracy and rhythm simultaneously!
Added: 19th June 2017
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The 5 Stages of Catnip - Cats On The Nip
These are the five stages of catnip Addiction Ever wonder what happens what your cat experiences on catnip? These are the five stages of their cat nip experience. Producer: Brittni Brown Associate Producer: Matthew Gill Editor: Brittni Brown, Gabe Evans
Added: 1st February 2014
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A Dad's Reaction To Getting A Ticket To The Game
Was blessed to be able to give my dad a ticket to the championship game
Added: 27th December 2012
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Preparing for the Solar Eclipse 2017
The crew getting ready to film and photograph and observe one of the biggest solar eclipses in the Rockies... The eclipse will start here around 10 am.
Added: 21st August 2017
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Tags funny cats solar eclipse cats mountain cats

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