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Cat One - Lego Guy Zero - Funny!
If your cat doesn't like your video... he may just let you know it! Hilarious
Added: 8th May 2013
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A Tough Teacher's Alter Ego - Emotional!
Steve Hartman meets the students of St. Francis High School near Los Angeles who thought they knew everything about their math teacher, Jim O'Connor. But what they found out at a local hospital taught them a life lesson.
Added: 21st March 2014
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Rockin' Birds Video Compilation 2017
From birds dancing to music, birds riding skateboards, to birds to some groovy tunes, these are just a few of the rockin' birds you'll find in this rockin' birds video compilation.

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See Hummingbirds Fly, Shake, Drink in Amazing Slow Motion
They move so fast that human eyes see only a hovering spot of color, a blur of wings. But when frozen in time by high-speed cameras, hummingbirds yield their secrets.

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Ballpoint Barber - Stop-motion Reverse Haircut and Beard-cut
Tom gets his facial hair drawn on via a magic pen. 300 printed pages to create the effect. Watch the behind the scenes. http://goo.gl/w9rYrR
Added: 12th September 2013
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