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Landing A Helicopter On A Ship In Rough Sea ( No Sound )
Prism Defence (prismdefence.com) specialise in Ship Helicopter Integration, and provides a wide range of services within this realm. In particular, Prism are responsible for the development of Ship Helicopter Operating Limits. This involves safely taking the helicopter to the edge of the envelope; that is, the point at which more extreme conditions would make the aircraft unsafe to fly.
Added: 3rd October 2014
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Husky Puppy Doesn't Trust Plastic Bag
This husky puppy reacted adorably after noticing that a plastic bag entered into his backyard territory! He definitely didn't trust it! Credit to 'ZestyMike'.
Added: 9th December 2014
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Evacuating a sample of unknown fluid (to vaporize for mass spectrometry). Pressure drop causes a decrease in temperature. The fluid simultaneously both boils and freezes? Would like some insight here...
Added: 1st April 2014
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Cute Baby Elephants Play Fight Each Other
When baby elephant play is always adorable. Watch Yindee and Dokmai play with each other

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Live Painting Shows Woman's Life
drawing & painting : Stonehouse(??) Video Editing : Yirigun(???) B.G.M : Silent partner - 'Big screen' painting tool : Painter11 2014.08.13
Added: 23rd September 2014
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