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Following Playful Orca Whales | Amazing Aerial Views
Using a drone, this pilot starts following some playful orcha whales! Combining footage from his camera under his boat as well as his drone, this pilot catches some amazing aerial footage! Facebook.com/CutiesNFuzzies
Added: 1st August 2014
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Mr Bean Makes A Sandwich
OFFICIAL MR BEAN. Mr Bean heads to the park for his lunch and makes his sandwich. Brilliant scenes with Mr Bean washing lettuce in his sock and making tea in his hot water bottle.
Added: 31st December 2011
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SNICKERS - The Brady Bunch
In this special episode, we find out what happens to Marcia and Jan when they're hungry. Let's just say it's not pretty. facebook.com/snickers

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A Kitten Has Her Mind BLOWN By An Ordinary Everyday Food.
Watch this playful little kitten named Ginger attack a potato. She makes everything a potential toy!
Added: 19th August 2016
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20 Best Animal Photobombs Ever
Animals can be cute and fun, they can also be funny! Here are 20 of the funniest animal photobombs. Prepare to laugh!

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