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The Haunted Doll Trick
There is a haunted doll under one of these bags and she wants to control your mind. Follow the simple instructions and see what happens at the end.... SPOOKY! Info about Jim Steinmeyer: http://www.jimsteinmeyer.com/ catalog/?cat=249
Added: 21st October 2013
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Give Your Dog A Selfie Stick And He Will Steal The Show
This guy ttached a camera to a rawhide and chased his dog Lola around the house, this is what he got... It's an awesome video selfie of his GSP Lola! Camera: GoPro Hero 3 Black, 1440p Mount: Jaws Clamp
Added: 10th March 2015
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Tags gopro doggy dog pet goprohero3black dog cam video selfie

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Swiss Longhorns (Texas Country Reporter)
Hear some new tunes from a very unique band. Max Frei Kurt Fuhrer Ruedi Berner Chuck Hield Swiss Club of Dallas Arlington, TX Website: ...

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Cutting Horse Cuteness
Three unnamed foals in Rancho Murieta are slated to become the next champions of the Cutting world.

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Chow Puppy Can't Get Through Gate
Chow chow! http://www.thepetcollective.tv Special thanks to Javier Alatriste Of Alatriste Chows For more information please email Javier.Alatriste@yahoo.com Producer: Gabe Evans Associate Producer: Matt Pagourgis
Added: 30th December 2013
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