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Trick Shots and Cats
We had a ton of fun making this video! A special thanks goes out to all our new cat friends. You guys were very well behaved and we just want you to know that we appreciate you.
Added: 23rd October 2013
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Sukiyaki (Homemade Tofu)
Sukiyaki is a shared Japanese dish where everyone ladles out some of the broth and food into their own bowls. Traditionally, sukiyaki is eaten with a raw beaten egg added to your own bowl, but that might be difficult for you depending on how safe raw eggs are considered where you live. I normally don't eat it with egg so I can enjoy the flavor of beef and vegetables, but if you get a chance to eat sukiyaki, please give it a try!

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Babies Laughing at Cats Compilation
Babies Laughing at Cats - Compilation What is more adorable than watching cute babies having great fun laughing at cats?
Added: 4th December 2013
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Deadly Cousin: The Redback Spider
Related to the black widow, Australia's redback spider is dangerous like its North American counterpart.
Added: 3rd December 2011
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AMAZING Cat Feeding Ducklings
Amazing footage on DAY 6 of the ducklings with their mother cat!! Track 'The Butterfly Song' by Harry Bird & The Rubber Wellies. Thanks for letting us use it! xx Filmed & edited by Maura Cunningham.
Added: 20th November 2014
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