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Babies Making Funny Faces Compilation
Baby Funny Face | Babies Funny Face | Babies Making Silly Face Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time! https://twitter.com/funnyplox Extra Tags: "funny faces, funny babies, funny baby, babies, funny faces compilation 2013, baby sour face compilation, funny baby faces, making funny faces, babies making funny faces, baby funny, baby making faces, funny baby faces compilation, babies making funny faces 2013, baby evil makes faces, babys funny, baby showing evil face funny video, baby faces, funny baby 2013, newborns funny faces"
Added: 26th November 2013
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Comedian Andy Andrews - Not Normal
Andy talks about being Not Normal.
Added: 15th August 2016
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14 Oldest Fossil Discoveries
From Dinosaurs Getting Older to Crocodile Embryo and a Mammoth in Mexico here are 14 Oldest Fossil Discoveries.

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How to care for a swamp
We hired a man with a mechanical harvester to do some work in our swamp in January of 2016, and again this past January. My husband has been doing this work by hand, cutting up our floating islands and then dragging the thick, cut sections into piles it is VERY labor intensive work. During periods of drought, air gets trapped in the dried swamp bottom, and then when the swamp fills again the trapped air causes large sections to pop to the surface, and then vegetation grows on it, choking out the open water. David worked for about 5-6 days this year, and you can see just how much he can clear out with that incredible piece of machinery.
Added: 10th March 2017
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Kid gets head stuck in fence - Dad to the rescue!
We don't know how, but little Joey here has gotten himself stuck between the bars of a fence. How will he ever get out? Will his dad save him? You'll just have
Added: 13th April 2016
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