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Dogs Opening Christmas Presents Compilation
In this funny dog compilation, watch as these excited puppies rip apart wrapping paper to get to their holiday gifts. http://www.youtube.com/petsami
Added: 20th December 2013
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Hamster Discovers The Joy Of Backflips
I think this hamster is broken / hamster doing backflips at the fair of pet supplies.
Added: 27th October 2015
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Masuka the Kitty Won't Let Owner Touch Water Cooler
Masuka the cat is very particular about the water and won't let just anyone touch it!

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The Little Christmas Tree read by Simon Cowell
A badger, a rabbit, a mouse and a small Christmas Tree, what more could you ask for in a sweet Christmas story?
Added: 22nd December 2015
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Carbon Fiber Braiding Machine
Video of the 128 Carrier Radial Braiding Machine based at the Burgmann Packing Composites facility in Dublin. This mesmerising invention by kumihimo artist and engineer Makiko Tada creates incredibly strong braids, which are being used in some cases (with carbon fiber.
Added: 21st July 2014
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