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Bully Duck Relentlessly Chases Dog
One of our ducks, Crispy, chasing our dog Jackson
Added: 10th December 2014
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Tags dog duck chase funny animals cute

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Newborn Hippo Rescued From Hungry Crocodiles
Wild hippo parents welcome a teeny calf into the world - just metres away from a swarm of crocodiles searching for their next meal. While other safari goers focused on the nearby wildebeest herd migrating across the Mara River, this tour group settled in to watch a new mum give birth - a rare opportunity for safari goers and guides alike. But within moments of its entrance into the world in September 2016, the excitable calf veered into the path of a crocodile.

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Bing Crosby, Flip Wilson, & Tim Conway - Diner Sketch
Flip Wilson is the owner of a diner, Tim Conway a truck driver, and Bing Crosby a plumber in this sketch from the 3/16/72 Flip Wilson Show.
Added: 16th January 2017
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Tags bing crosby flip wilson tim conway show diner sketch

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Firefighter Flash Mob: Stayin' Alive
Chattanooga firefighters dance to Stayin. Alive in a flash mob in this educational video that also teaches the value of CPR.

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