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Food Life Hacks
Life hacks for you kitchen. Simple ways to make life easier and tips to make food last longer. How to separate egg yolk, squeeze a lemon with tongs, keep salad and bananas fresher for longer.

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How to peel a hard boiled egg in only seconds
Learn how to easily peel a hard-boiled egg in only seconds. All it requires is a glass filled with half an inch of water! Try it out yourself and let us know
Added: 19th July 2016
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Jumbo Teacup Kitten
Unlike humans, cats enjoy small space & don't mind to be in "economy class." Here, Jumbo Pillow climbs into his favorite spot, a cute jumbo teacup. You can see how he managed to fit in it, & how his body fills the whole cup. He enjoys napping in this tight space.
Added: 1st June 2014
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This is a real gas station toilet.  Seriously.
Ridiculous toilet.
Added: 29th December 2014
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Tags toilet shell toilet Philippines (Country)

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Parents Tell Daughters They Are Expecting Twins
My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for over two year. When we learned that we are having twins, we wanted to surprise the girls with a cake. Both of the girls were beyond surprised.
Added: 9th May 2013
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