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Mutant Giant Spider Dog!
Mutant Giant Spider Dog! facebook.com/sawardega
Added: 7th September 2014
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I'm Going To Pour An Egg On Your Head - Hilarious Giggling baby!
Colton couldn't get enough of Mom dumping water on his head! Best laugh you'll ever hear!
Added: 27th April 2015
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Tags Baby laughing colton gilarious

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Unusual Horses: Bashkir Curly
This beautiful breed has it all: intelligence, temperament, stamina and an unmistakable coat, which just so happens to be hypoallergenic.

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Bob Hope  Christmas With The Troops
Bob Hope performed for the brave troops in WW2, Korean War, Viet Nam and the Persian Gulf War. The actors who he brought along were the very best of the best.
Added: 4th December 2014
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Journey Inside Chernobyl's Exclusion Zone
Christiaan and Kseniya Welzel ventured into Chernobyl's exclusion zone on the 27th anniversary of the plant's nuclear disaster.

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