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Gossip Columnist Leaves Lavish Life To Find Happiness
Imagine living a life filled with celebrities, designer names, and star-studded amenities. Now, imagine taking all of those things, packing them away for good and traveling the country to learn about yourself through others. That's exactly what Kelly Will did. Kelly was a gossip columnist for 9 years and wrote for many major entertainment?news publications until she suffered a herniated disk in her neck from stress. hooplaha.com
Added: 18th October 2014
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Giant Rc Curtis P-40 WARHAWK
Maiden flight for technical acceptance. Technischer Abnahmeflug (Erstlug) Pepi 2013.05.30 Bruchsal Pilot: Josef Spielhofer (Falcon Wings - Austria) Massstab / Scale: 1/4 Spw. / Wingspan: 2.85 m Lenge/ Lenght: 2.54 m Motor: 3W150 R2 (inline) Gewicht / weight: 27.8 kg Fahrwerk / Gear: WABO Radio: Weatronic
Added: 24th January 2014
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Innocent Until Proven Guilty Dog
A dog is questioned when her owner comes home and sees that his bed sheets were ruined. The dog hides in the shower and looks more than guilty! For more hilarious pet videos check out http://www.petsami.com
Added: 25th October 2012
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With or without you
Emanuele and Junior are singing "With or without you". This time Junior is singing his heart out and with his soul. It is so funny. You must see it. Junior is a French Bulldog.

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A Retirement Home for Young and Old
Tiffany Tieu, 26, and Laura Berick, 80, formed an unlikely friendship while living at Judson Manor, a retirement community. Judson Manor houses a select group of music students for no charge in exchange for performing recitals and concerts for the older residents. At Judson Manor, age is just a number.

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