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Cranky Cats Compilation
These cranky cats are basically me every single day. From cats pushing things off tables to demanding all the attention, here is a compilation filled with all the forever cranky cats!

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Zipline Girl Flips into Pool
Girl ziplines over a pool and does an amazing flip in.

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Cute And Funny Baby Elephant Videos Compilation
Check out these cute elephant videos in this funny and clumsy baby elephants compilation. An elephant calf is one of the cutest animal babies.

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Long Bois | Funny Pet Video Compilation
According to The Pet Collective Doggo Dictionary, long bois are good boys (or girls) who have long bodies or are very tall and skinny! Enjoy these long boi videos in this funny pet video compilation!

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The Hover Scooter - Barmy 1960s Vehicle [HD]
The Hover Scooter, from British Pathe in 1960. A combination of a hovercraft and a scooter. OUR BEST CLIPS: Check out this playlist - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF58DA24745914ADC Watch the original Hover Scooter video in full length here: http://www.britishpathe.com/video/hover-scooter/
Added: 22nd April 2012
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