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Celebrity Impressions Secrets Revealed Actor/Impressionist Jim Meskimen reveals the main secret to doing celebrity impressions, which is to be able to assume the point of view of the person, a skill that is useful in all human interaction. See Jim live in JIMPRESSIONS, a one-man journey thru sound, celebrity and applied silliness. Next show: October 6th, 2012 at The Acting Center, Hollywood. For tickets and reservations:
Added: 11th September 2012
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Angry Ram Takes Down A Quadcopter Drone... And Its Owner
I was looking for the angry ram with my fpv quadcopter, I got a bit close & he managed to hit it knocking it into a bush, luckily no harm done. When I went to retrieve it he followed me, I had my hands full so he got me pretty good.
Added: 4th September 2014
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Possum Eating A Strawberry
Perhaps the most misunderstood creature, very gentle and docile by nature. They only act mean in their defense mode, given the chance, they will flee. Excellent at killing mice, snakes, and other pest.
Added: 16th August 2012
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Barney The Barn Owl
Barney is a Barn Owl and fell out of his nest at a very young age. The nest is on my dads farm so he found him and took him in. This was a few months ago when he was still very young and couldn't fly. I started playing music for him & singing and he started dancing! He is now older and is able to fly although he still has some baby feathers so it's more fluttering. He is doing very well & is starting to take on his own life and is now mingling with the other Barn Owls in the area :) brown chick fell out of nest rescued rehabilitated Duck Parrot Ducks
Added: 21st May 2014
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Wake Me Up - Avicii (violin/cello/bass cover) - Simply Three
THE SONG Written by Tim Bergling, Aloe Blacc, and Mike Einziger. Arranged and performed by Zack Clark, Glen McDaniel, and Nicholas Villalobos. Recorded and produced by Dan Parker at Valor Music Group ( Mixed and Mastered by Bill Hare ( THE VIDEO Directed by Zack Clark and Nicholas Villalobos. Cinematography by Ovi Balc at Mindmaze Productions ( DJI Phantom 2 (w/ GoPro 3) drone controlled by Ryan MacKenzie ( Edited and color graded by Zack Clark.

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