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While Mama's Away DaDa And Baby Play
A comprehensive report on the happenings of father and son while mama is away for the afternoon . time lapsed. NOTE: this video took place after his nap, and before bath/dinner/bedtime @mrtomeoni Emio Tomoeni What really happens when mama is away
Added: 3rd January 2013
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Amputee Toddler Learning To Walk  By Himself
Kayden a two year old that had his right foot and his left amputated in January is learning how to walk with prosthetics!!
Added: 11th July 2014
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AaronsAnimals - The Saddest Day
Just one of those days. Aaron's Animals Featuring @cutecatnala and @pudgethecat
Added: 20th January 2018
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Tags The Saddest Day

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DIY Transform old jeans into gardening belt without sewing
Here's how you can create a multi-functional gardening belt using and old pair of jeans... without ever sewing!

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