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Piranhas Prank
http://gags.justforlaughs.com Innocent people are asked to hold a tow line for a scuba diver. They hadn't noticed the sign warning of piranhas. When they pull the line in for the diver to come back, he has been eaten by piranhas, and only his skeleton remains!
Added: 2nd October 2012
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Emu and Boxer Dog Run in Circles Around Tree
This seem to be their new thing. I wish I had their energy.
Added: 5th October 2015
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Tags emu Boxer (Animal Breed) Bird (Animal) Dog (Domesticated Animal)

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Dogs Raise Orphaned Piglets
Dogs Raise Orphaned Piglets | These sweet dogs LOVE taking care of their orphaned piglets. They teach their little piggies what family means, and they all wrestle together like puppies until they all fall asleep in one big cuddle puddle. Today on Odd Couples, watch them fall in love with Piper, the most special piglet of all.

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Funny Dogs Excited To Go For a Walk Compilation
Dogs Excited to Go For a Walk | Dogs Excited to Go Outside | Dogs Getting Excited for Walk | Dogs Getting Excited to Go Outside | Funny Dog Videos | Cute Dog Videos www.facebook.com/funnyplox
Added: 19th June 2014
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