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Don't Let the Devil Ride - Chris Rodrigues & Abby the Spoon Lady
Evil and the Devil will continue to try to run your run life, so don't let him ride! Our album is finally finished, and you can find a digital download here: https://suitcaseandspoons.bandcamp.com/

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Fish on Wheels
By using a camera and computer vision software it is possible to make a fish control a robot car over land. By swimming towards an interesting object, the fish can explore the world beyond the limits of his tank. http://www.studiodiip.com * The fish itself is placed in a normal fish tank after driving
Added: 12th February 2014
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Cat walking Down Fridge (Spider Cat)
Piggy walking down the fridge but pausing half way. She must have super grippy paws!
Added: 6th June 2012
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Mini Dachshund bath time
Puppies are excited to run up the stairs and jump in the tub. They get so happy about bath time.
Added: 9th September 2013
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Most Insane Photos Taken at the Right Time
Funniest, craziest,most bizarre PHOTOS TAKEN AT THE RIGHT TIME EVER !

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