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Five Thousand Ducks On The Road
Drivers in the Chinese city of Taizhou were driven quackers when a local farmer walked 5,000 ducks along a main road. . Report by Mark Morris.
Added: 26th June 2012
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Manx Charlie and His Tail Learn to Fit in | Too Cute!
At first little Charlie thought his tail set him apart from his tail-less siblings. But it turns out his difference isn't keeping him from fitting in. | For more Too Cute!, visit animal.discovery.com/tv/
Added: 27th September 2014
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Cat Scared of Socks
Mr. OogaBooga Steve is, for some unknown reason, scared to death of socks. We decided to record it.
Added: 26th November 2013
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Do You Have a Problem with That? - Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Part 1 -This contestant shows the clock whos boss on his way to the million dollar question. He tells Meredith that its his birthday and he is going to win $1,000,000 no matter what. (He also says he\'s klingon...) Quite possibly Millionaires most hardcore contestant. Will his confidence and quick wit play-style pay off, or will it cost him everything? Hosted by Meredith Vieira. Original Air Date: September 11, 2009 Encoded by Mecha03
Added: 6th December 2011
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Dope Zebra
This zebra is dope. Get the extended song on iTunes: http://dft.ba/zebra Credits: Directed & Edited: Rhett and Link Music: Rhett and Link Costume design: The guys at http://www.smallhd.com (Thanks Barrett, Dale, Wes and the gang!) PA: Jason Inman, Matt Raub Dancers: Flitz Ricketts and Steve Smith - http://www.youtube.com/shotglassfilms Acrobatic Stunt-type Stuff: Rick and Stacey Marcus Tagalicious: zebra dope dance two-man suit "chuck testa" nope taxidermy taxidermist commercial ad ojai valley rhettandlink "Rhett And Link" funny mascot choreography teach me to dougie, "evolution of danc" "Dance Music" "where the ******* is matt" "jk wedding entrance dance" "how to dance" "carlton dance" dubstep this video has hidden annotations
Added: 19th January 2012
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