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Hanging Out with the Spintop Snipers!
Spent the day with the spintop snipers in Taiwan. These guys are amazing. This is a behind the scenes of filming with the spintop snipers.

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Chipmunks Devour Corn Cob
Chipmunk expertly clean an ear of dried corn and squirrel it away for winter. An October tradition in the Backyard! Always fun to watch these workaholics - they know exactly what to do when they see a corn cob - Winter is coming.

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Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund - Construction Worker Wiener Dogs!
Crusoe and Oakley the miniature dachshunds play construction worker wiener dogs for the day to help out the construction site foreman with some digging work. They put their front paws to work digging up the place. When you want a job done, hire dachshunds!

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Who plays faster... A Pianist or the Computer
Who plays the piano faster? A human pianist or the computer? In this video I used the song Flight of the Bumble Bee to make the comparison between a pianist and the computer.

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sam won't wake up for work
Sam won't wake up for work
Added: 22nd October 2017
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Tags Shire Horse Lazy Sleeping

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