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10 Funniest Dachshund Videos
I hope you enjoy todays compilation featuring the funny Dachshund clips, outtakes, bloopers, viral videos and moments caught on tape.

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Today we learn about goats! Join me as I learn some interesting facts about goats and go on a surprise walk with them!

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11 Amazing Life Saving Inventions
People have dedicated their lives to creating amazing new lifesaving inventions. Here are 11 AMAZING life saving inventions.

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Laura's Wooden Projector Cabinet
I love my Projector but I don't like to have the setup visible at all times. Especially because the cables look so messy and collect lots of dust. This week I came up with a solution for that. The Projector Cabinet...aka Wellness Box :) I used Flightcase fitting for all the cable connections. An electrician helped me with the power supply via a "powercon" system. I am super happy with this solution! Also this was my first time making handcut dovetails-super rewarding when everything fits together nice and snug.

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