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Owner communicates with puppy only by barking
Arnie the French Bulldog has a full "conversation" with his owner in this adorable clip. Can anyone translate what they're talking about?
Added: 28th April 2016
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Tags cute dog adorable animal bark pussy

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Grandma Rides Roller Coaster For the First Time
Through the Vodafone Firsts program, 70-year-old Ria experiences her first roller coaster ride onboard the Formule X coaster at Drievliet theme-park in The
Added: 28th April 2016
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A story about forgiveness
An inspiring story about two friends who learn something special about forgiveness together. It reflects those experiences in our life that get us thinking -
Added: 26th April 2016
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Tags inspirational friends forgiveness story

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Facts About The Most Expressive Cat In The World
The Pallas cat has been called the most expressive cat in the world. Perhaps it's because their pupils are circular, like humans, rather than vertical slits like other cats. The Pallas cat, or Manul, lives in the Himalayan foothills. This cat is about the same size as an average house cat. Their immune systems don't work as well at lower altitudes, making it difficult to keep them in captivity.

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Horse Pool Party!
The horses of Duchess Sanctuary splish-splashing around in the summer sun. The grey horse who is completely immersed and swimming across the pond is Diva, her
Added: 25th April 2016
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Tags horse horses swimming pool duchess sanctuary pool party

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