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Cute cat repeatedly pushes owner's hand away
Lucy the cat pushes her owner's hand away because she doesn't like being picked on with a piece of grass. She's so adorable!
Added: 23rd August 2016
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This is why beagles are perfect family dogs(Charlie the dog)
Beagles are one of the friendliest dogs, they enjoy human company and they are incredibly tolerant and are perfect family dogs.

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Why Is This Parrot Screaming At Her Owner? The Reason Is Simply Brilliant.
Tweety likes to cuddle before going to sleep and will get angry if her owner fails to stop petting her. Listen to her vocally complain, asking her owner, "What
Added: 22nd August 2016
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10 Hot Weather Life Hacks To Keep YOU Cool
Want to keep cool in the summer heat? Here are 10 simple and easy tips to cool down for little to no money!

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Indian man has 40 knives removed from stomach
CNN's Joel Labi reports on an Indian man who developed a bizarre taste for knives, landing him in the operating theater.

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