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Best Laptops You Can Buy For 2017
The latest generation of laptop computers provides excellent battery life, brilliant display quality, and outstanding performance. So how do you decide between all the laptops out there? Our list of the best laptop computers for 2017 features Chromebooks, 2-in-1 machines, Macbooks, and of course laptop PC's.

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10 MIND BLOWING Riddles That Will Stump You
Welcome to Top10Archive! Mind benders, brain twisters, riddles, and puzzles – no matter what you call them, everybody seems to love them; and so we are back with another edition of 10 riddles.

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Why The August 21st Solar Eclipse Is Important For Americans | Mach | NBC News
In the episode of Space is Awesome, host Summer Ash explains what happens during a total solar eclipse and why witnessing the Great American Eclipse is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Andre Rieu - Heia In The Mountains
Andre Rieu - Heia In The Mountains very amazing music with stunning performance of orchestra - from La vie est belle (Life is Beautiful) concert

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Banking on Cheese: The Bank That Uses Parmesan as Collateral
Whether they're students or businesses, lots of people have to take out loans from the bank. For cheese farmers, there's a bank in Italy that will literally accept *cheese* as collateral for loans. This is the story of three men and millions of dollars worth of that proverbial cheddar.

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