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Disney World Proposal With Overwhelming Ending
My fiance is a Disney World fanatic and over our relationship you could say I have become one too. When I knew I wanted to marry her it was obvious where I
Added: 12th November 2016
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Tags disney world proposal engagement disney land magic kingdom

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TOP FIVE: Horseback Archery, Trapeze Training & Longboarding
This week on Top Five we've got footage of horseback archery from Sweden, trapeze training from the USA and an extreme downhill longboarding crew.

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Cats jump at same time, land directly on top of each other
Check out what happens when two cats jump onto this wall at the exact same time. Whoops! Their reactions are priceless!
Added: 17th November 2016
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Tags funny cat videos jokes hilarious pets cat jump gone wrong epic cat

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Jingle Bell Rock | Holiday Music | Tommy Emmanuel
It’s never too early to start celebrating the holidays, and you can now order Tommy Emmanuel’s new album, Christmas Memories. The album features Pat Bergeson, Annie Sellick and John Knowles, C.G.P. Check out Tommy, Annie, Pat, and John's rendition of the classic Christmas song - White Chrstmas.

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Chicken Lays Light Bulb Eggs
This chicken owner was finally able to get to the bottom of the great light bulb mystery when she came home one day to find that her chicken has been stealing
Added: 21st November 2016
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