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Hilarious! - Camera Captures Lady's Confusion at Gas Pump
There's too much stress in the world, hopefully this will cheer you up.
Added: 1st January 2015
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Squirrel Grand National
The 'Squirrel Man of Hitchin' brings you the ultimate backyard obstacle course - the Squirrel Grand National. This unique event in the racing calendar has all the squirrel action you'd expect from fences made out of scrap wood, green pan scourers and even plastic spoons! But which squirrel will you bet on?

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Cute Husky Freaks Out Over Ferby Doll
Seeing a doll on the ground, this cute husky realizes something's not right about the doll and starts freaking out. The husky doesn't realize just how weird Ferby dolls can be!

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Dog Joins Owner For Bubble Bath
"A lot of dogs hate bath time, but not Keenan. His minder, Cheryl, told Storyful He was very curious about the tub, so when I took a bath, I had my waterproof camera so I could get a picture of him peeking over the tub edge. I was taken by surprise at just HOW curious he was! facebook.com/Storyful

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11 year old Girl challenges Gaston to arm wrestle and wins!
My little sister decided to challenge Gaston to an arm wrestling contest, but none of us knew she had this tactic up her sleeve!

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