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Woodpecker birds feeding and family
This video is the compilation of woodpecker feeding their chicks and drilling the trees to find the food.

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Pets Who Are Your Coworkers
This is too accurate! If you ever had a job, you are very familiar with these types of coworkers! Which one are you?

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Teddy Bear's Fish Picnic - Bears - Spy in the Woods - BBC
It's fishing season for hungry bears, and spy cam is stalking their territory to capture the best quality shots of their feast. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough.
Added: 20th October 2017
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Tags BBC Worldwide Bears Spy Woods Bears Fishing Attenborough

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Why Cats Are Purranormal
Happy Meowloween! Objects knocked over? With cats around there are always things that go bump in the night, mysterious meows, strange glowing eyes in the dark! Must be some purranormal cativity. Cats are paranormal (paranormal in human terms!) They are strange creatures and often mysterious. They see things invisible to you. They walk between the worlds. The entrance is under the bed. Tell us about your paranormal cat experiences in the comments! Purranormal - Event or purrception without scientific explanation, as in extrasensory purrception, (ESPurr) or other purportedly supurr-natural purrnomena.

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Tipsy Gypsy (w/ David Grisman) | Collaborations | Tommy Emmanuel
Tipsy Gypsy performed by Tommy Emmanuel and David Grisman.

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