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Best Pets of the Week Video Compilation | August 2017
Cat videos, dog videos, bird videos, all the pet videos! Here are the best, newest videos of the best pets on the internet! From good boys to laughing birds, enjoy this hilarious compilation of cute pet videos!

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Solar Eclipse | What You Need To Know
A total solar eclipse happens somewhere on Earth once every year or two. What is an eclipse? Learn more about how solar eclipses happen, the four types of eclipses, and how to view the sun safely if you're within the path of totality.

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Brilliant Birds | Funny Bird Video Compilation 2017
Skateboarding? Darts? I'm officially convinced that birds are brilliant.

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Summer Loving Pets Funny Pet Video Compilation 2017
Summer time and pets! What's not to love? From dogs filling their own swimming pool, dogs wearing sunglasses, ducks swimming in the sink to dogs skateboarding, these are just a few of the clips you will see in today's video.

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The Alaskan Town FULL of Bald Eagles
A bald eagle is an exciting, rare sighting for most Americans. But on this Alaskan island, our national symbol is as common as a beachside seagull. You can find them everywhere - lurking above the post office, inspecting the trash, waiting patiently for the local fishing boats to return with the day's catch, even hanging out in front of the town church. In Unalaska, Alaska, everyone has an eagle story.

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