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Swamp Dog Loves To Dunk His Head Pools Of Mud - TOBY
This dog's favorite thing is submerging his entire body in mud. Wouldn't you like to be the one to give him a bath every time he does this?

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Nanny The Cat Going On Vacation
Everybody loves to travel and go on vacation. Cat Nanny is no exception. She travelled from the Rocky mountains in the North, all the way to the Pacific Ocean in the South. She soon discovered that her vacation destination was a little more confined than normal ranch life. She couldn't roam free in the city as it wasn't so safe, so she needed to demand walks under full protection of her body guard whenever she could. She still liked to participate in all activities wherever possible.
Added: 29th July 2018
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Woman, Amen / Female (Home Free Cover) - Dierks Bentley/Keith Urban
Home Free bass singer Tim Foust says they were inspired to do this mash-up after seeing Dierks Bentley perform "Women, Amen" at the ACM Awards and Keith Urban sing "Female" at the CMAs. The band couldn't resist blending these two songs that celebrate not only the incredible women in all our lives, but around the world. I'm sure glad they did!

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World's Tiniest Donkey Loves Pranking His Mom - TINY TIM
This itty-bitty donkey was the size of a human baby when he was born. So his mom brought him into the house and raised him like a dog! Watch how Tiny Tim learned to ask for potty breaks, demand attention and crack his mom up with his mischievous antics

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5-Year Old Sophie Fatu: America's Got Talent's Youngest Performer EVER Sings New York, New York
Unbelievable! The adorable 5-year-old singer came on to the AGT stage and stunned the judges with "New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra!
Added: 26th July 2018
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