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A Dog Rescue Video That Will Make You Laugh, Smile & Believe In True Love!
When two dogs where reported running around the streets of Los Angeles, Annie Hart comes to the rescue! Annie is the founder of the animal organization "Rescue From The Hart". When she went to the scene she found two of the most adorable dogs. They appeared to be the best of pals and inseparable. The female didn't trust Annie so she had to use a cage to catch her and then the male dog came to Annie... well because he didn't want to be left behind. If you would like to adopt Monica & Chandler, please visit www.handspawshearts.org
Added: 18th September 2014
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Puppy Lovin' - Best Kissing Booth Ever!
Adorable dogs staff this unique kissing booth at the Indiana State Fair where they serve kisses a bit more slobbery than you would normally expect! Brought to you by Helping Paws and BSU Journalism. Helping Paws helpingpawsonline.com Ball State Journalism attheindianafair.com
Added: 17th September 2014
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89-Year-Old Vet And Preschooler Reunite!
An unlikely friendship that went from their backyards to viral now starts a new chapter. Watch WWII veteran Erling Kindem reunite with his 3-year-old best buddy Emmett Rychner at his new home.
Added: 16th September 2014
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How One Dog In Japan Deals With His Irritating Human - Hilarious!
Poor dog! How does he deal with this guy all day? Great tricks, irritating human. Two videos, the second will play shortly after the fist one stops.
Added: 15th September 2014
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Xena And Jonny - A Story Of Survival, Love, Friendship And Hope
Xena came to Jonny's home on Feb 11, 2013 and Jonny's family officially adopted her on March 25, 2013. An immediate bond formed between Xena & Jonny who has autism. This little girl went from survivor to savior. xenathewarriorpuppy.com/
Added: 14th September 2014
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