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Extreme Puppy Makeover - Prank it FWD
Tom Mabe may be one of the biggest pranksters ever but seems he has a real soft spot when it comes to animials. See what he and his friends did for the people and pets at this Kentuky Humane Society. #PrankitFWD break.com/prankitfwd Humane Society Gift Email: Tom@TomMabe.com
Added: 20th November 2014
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Dad Almost Loses It When He Finds Kids With  Paint All Over Their Faces
Two brothers find the left over paint and get it all over their faces. Dad tries really hard to maintain his composure... but then this happens... patrikmedia.com
Added: 19th November 2014
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The Amazing SpiderDad - 5yr Old Son Battling Cancer Gets Surprise
This amazing dad had a replica Spider-Man suit made so he could surprise his son on his 5th Birthday. Unfortunately he has been diagnosed with a Grade 4 Brain Stem Tumor with an average of 1 yr to live. Dad was so proud he managed to do this for him, and secretly filmed the surprise with his Go Pro 3+ :) Today he is still with us fighting it all the way, but at least he has Spiderman to take care of him. Here Jayden's Support Facebook Page facebook.com/pages/ Hope-For-Jayden/211736845617084
Added: 18th November 2014
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Pebble The Crazy Cockatoo Destroys Family Movie Time
ROFLMBO! The humans are trying to watch a movie when this insane Cockatoo goes into bizarre, funny, crazy mode.
Added: 17th November 2014
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The Ballerina On The Golden Bicycle
In the 1960s and 1970s, Lilly Yokoi was considered the world's greatest acrobat on bicycle. Her act was indeed technically outstanding, and the ease with which she performed it, her grace, and her unmatched elegance have survived the test of time.
Added: 16th November 2014
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