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Texpedition - San Antonio (Texas Country Reporter)
Get our vacation ideas for a Texpedition to the number one tourist city in the state -- San Antonio! Natural Bridge Caverns: The Alamo: Big Lou's Pizza: Cool Crest Miniature Golf: Like Texas Country Reporter on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: TCR #1371, 12-07-2013
Added: 2nd March 2014
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BEST Karaoke Gas Pump Couple - FUNNY!
Monifa and Will Sims became Internet sensations after "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" showed them singing impromptu karaoke at a gas station, but critics ...
Added: 28th February 2014
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How Catnip Gets Cats High
They seem to be enjoying themselves, don't they?
Added: 27th February 2014
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The Face Of A Guilty Dog Compilation - Funny!
Remember the last time you felt guilty. I guarantee you a guilty dog looks exactly like you. Guilty dogs act like we do when they get caught. Watch these funny ...
Added: 26th February 2014
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Squirrel Steals Airplane - The Whole Story
Ron Knight of Hobby Wars recently built an experimental aircraft with manual controls as a way to teach people how to fly a model airplane. After a short demonstration, Ron runs to his truck to grab the plane's transmitter for a test flight. But before he can grab it, a squirrel jumps in the cockpit and takes it for a spin.
Added: 25th February 2014
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