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The Face Of A Guilty Dog Compilation - Funny!
Remember the last time you felt guilty. I guarantee you a guilty dog looks exactly like you. Guilty dogs act like we do when they get caught. Watch these funny ...
Added: 26th February 2014
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Squirrel Steals Airplane - The Whole Story
Ron Knight of Hobby Wars recently built an experimental aircraft with manual controls as a way to teach people how to fly a model airplane. After a short demonstration, Ron runs to his truck to grab the plane's transmitter for a test flight. But before he can grab it, a squirrel jumps in the cockpit and takes it for a spin.
Added: 25th February 2014
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How Wolves Change Rivers - For The Better!
When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States after being absent nearly 70 years, the most remarkable "trophic cascade" occurred. What is a trophic cascade and how exactly do wolves change rivers? George Monbiot explains in this video remix. George Monbiot Music Credits: "Unfoldment, Revealment, Evolution, Exposition, Integration, Arson" by Chris Zabriskie (
Added: 24th February 2014
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Cat Performs Top Secret Move Rarely Seen By Humans - Hilarious!
A cat walks calmly into the room... makes a slight swerve ... then right before our eyes reveals "The Secret Cat Move" few humans have ever seen! I laughed out loud! I have no idea what the cat was thinking or attemptingto do.
Added: 23rd February 2014
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Funny Dog... Panni The Slider Hero
Panni loves to go down the slide over and over. What fun!
Added: 20th February 2014
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