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Elderly Couple Walks On The Dance Floor And Blows Everyone Away!
No one thought much about it when this elderly couple took the dance floor... then this happened. Charlie Womble and Jackie McGee have been dancing together for over 30 years... no wonder they are so good!
Added: 31st December 2014
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Corvettes for Sale at Wal-Mart...  Well, Not Exactly.
Though the building in Punta Gorda, Florida was once a Wal-Mart, it's not any more. When Rick Treworgy saw that it was vacant, he decided it would be the perfect place to showcase almost 200 Corvettes and other GM muscle cars he owns in a vast collection begun more than 30 years ago. He bought it, and now, it's open to the public. Called Muscle Car City, the venue is attracting thousands of people who harken back to the golden days of muscle cars and their youth. It's also drawing a newer generation of enthusiasts.

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Senior Snippets: 53 Years!
A couple discuss how they first meet, their wedding and how they have been together for the last 53 years... lip-synced by children.

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French Bulldog Goes Crazy in Pools Filled with Balls
ROFLMBO! If I only had 1/10th the energy this little guy is burning up as he runs back and fourth and going round and round in these pools filled with balls. His little friends look on in amazement. Like, what the heck is he doing?
Added: 26th December 2014
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Dog vs. Rat vs. Cat: A Trick Contest
Three years after "Cat vs. Dog: A Trick Contest", Nana and Kaiser are back and ready to take on new challengers. But do the rats have what it takes to bring home the trophy for the best tricks?
Added: 25th December 2014
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