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Boy with Autism Gets Surprise Gift from Trash Man
Robin Newberger shared a video about a very special gift her 5-year-old son Daniel received from their trash collector Manuel. The video is now going viral and Manuel, the trash collector's good deed is going to be recognized by his company, E.J. Harrison & Sons.
Added: 17th February 2014
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The Fork
Love is never lost to those that never let go.
Added: 16th February 2014
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Pit Bull Rescued from Abandoned Ruins
Outside of an abandoned home, the team rescues a pit bull chained up and left without shelter. They name him Claude after the saintly street he was found on. For more Pit Bulls and Parolees, visit tv/pitbulls-and-parolees/
Added: 14th February 2014
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Valentine - Kina Grannis - Official Music Video
"Love is a special thing...we should celebrate...and appreciate" May your Valentine's Day be filled with love and happiness! Kina Grannis on Facebook:
Added: 13th February 2014
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Camera Falls From Airplane And Lands In Pig Pen
This is CRAZY! Please watch this one all the way to the end to see the pigs reaction. A camera falls from a sky diving airplane and lands on the skydivers property in his pig pen. He found the camera 8 months later and posted this video for us to see. Unreal!
Added: 12th February 2014
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