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Dog Falls Into A Pool Of Hot Tar, See Who Saves Him!
He had fallen into a pool of hot tar that smothered his body and had became rock-solid. He was stuck to the ground and unable to move. A passerby saw him struggling and called the Animal Aid Unlimited, India help-line. After 3 hours of massaging vegetable oil into the thick layer of tar watch his amazing recovery! animalaidunlimited.com/donate
Added: 2nd October 2014
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The Meaning of Life, Explained By A 6yr Old
Imagine yourself looking back at your life when your reach the grand ole age of 90. If given a second chance, what would you do different? It doesn't say this was written by a 6yr old or how much actual input she had in the script itself.... but a great message none the less. princeea.tumblr.com

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Beautiful Scotland In Stunning 1080p HD
Over the past 8 or so months John Duncan travelled around Scotland usually getting up at offensively early times to get good light. He wanted to make a film which really shows what a beautiful country Scotland is. Living in Edinburgh he's very fortunate to have some truly magnificent sights on his doorstep. Best viewed full screen in 1080p HD. Sound up! john-duncan.co.uk
Added: 30th September 2014
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Finding Iris: Saving A Homeless Injured Dog + An Unexpected Surprise!
It may seem like the folks from 'Hope For Paws' just go to the rescue location and find the dog, but this is actually not true. The search for the dogs is a challenging part of it because they usually hide. Finding Iris was difficult, but it could have been dangerous... they didn't know how she would react when they entered her den, and there is always a risk when going to these rough neighborhoods day or night. Another great rescue by Hope For Paws! TheDogRescuers.com
Added: 29th September 2014
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12 Signs You're an Introvert as Illustrated by Animals
Animals illustrate in an amusing way why you just might be an introvert. You hide from crowds... You hate being the center of attention... You screen all of you phone calls... and 9 more signs you might be an introvert. animal.discovery.com
Added: 28th September 2014
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