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How often do you think about the fact that we are fortunate to live in an incredible time? Manual labor is gradually being replaced by robots, and engineers all over the world work tirelessly to create new and perfect machines that make human work easier. So it's no wonder that while soulless robots work around the world, performing all sorts of functions autonomously, talented people who can do beautiful and incredible things with their hands become famous. Make yourself comfortable, because today we will meet people with gifted hands, who are better than any robot or machine.

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Amazing Artistic Cycling Tricks by Viola Brand! | People are Awesome
Viola Brand is a professional artistic cyclist from Stuttgart, Germany. Viola is the vice-world champion in artistic cycling a sport governed by the UCI. Check out her awesome artistic cycling tricks in today's video!

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Try Not To Laugh At This Contagious Laughter Compilation
What are they laughing at? Doesn't really matter, just listen to those cackles. If you can't find one or two to laugh along with, your funny bone must be broken.

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Dog Gets SO Excited To Go Hiking In Her Wheelchair
The look on this dog's face when she gets to go hiking is priceless.

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Today, there are many devices and gadgets with which scientists study dark matter, black holes, and other unexplained mysteries of the universe. Each year, science develops more and more, and new truths are revealed to humanity, truths that years ago were unimaginable. We could probably have made all these unique discoveries much earlier, if... if we used all the inventions that scientific geniuses had ever created. Who knows, maybe our view of the world would have changed and the space would have looked quite different... But many of these inventions were forgotten or hidden undeservedly, and some were completely lost in history. We will talk about these inventions today

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