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Welcome To Vintage Grill and Car Museum
Today we visit Tom Moncrief and Aaron Austin for a delicious gourmet meal served with a side of appreciation for history at the Vintage Grill and Car Museum in Weatherford.

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Baby Elephant Rescued from Mud Hole | Good People Everywhere!
Occurred on November 23, 2017 / Urulanthanni, Kerala, India. This place is near the forest and elephants visit all the time. One day, a small elephant fell into this mud hole. The other elephants tried to rescue their baby the entire night, but they failed. In the morning, the forest department rescued the baby and you can clearly see the mother elephant express her gratitude towards the rescuers. Yes, there are LOTS of good people all over this world!

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Andre Rieu - O Holy Night
Andre Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra performing O Holy Night live in London.

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One Family's Most Unusual Christmas Tradition
See how the Tony Multer family of Rowena, Texas comes together to preserve memories at Christmas.

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When Your Dog Really Needs A Mud Bath!
Toby the dog goes all in for the most wonderful mud bath EVER! He loved every second of it and even went back for more! Do you know a dog that would enjoy a mud bath as much as Toby?
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