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Two Police Officers In Cruiser Sing God Bless America
While sitting in their cruiser, Boston officers Kim Tavares and Stephen McNulty discussed the upcoming holiday before joining together to sing "God Bless America."

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Elephant Mom Crying for Help Leads Rescuers To Her Trapped Baby
This elephant mom wouldn't stop crying until rescuers figured out what she wanted.

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Best Pets Of The Month June 2018
If you weren't already obsessed with pets, this compilation will definitely get you to obsession level! Enjoy this month's best pet videos in our Best Pets of the Month compilation! The two dogs attacking the swimming pool vacuum cleaner had me rolling on the floor...

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Pony Spa Day With Albert and Ernie
The ponies have been nagging for ages to have a Spa Day! Now I want to be a pony.
Added: 30th June 2018
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Tags Horses Ponies Shetland Cute Funny Summer Horse trainer Spa Day Spa Liberty

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Fluff Challenge with Dog -  Funny Dogs Reaction to Disappear Game of Owner Compilation
See what happens when these pet owners suddenly disappear right in front of their pets eyes.

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