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People Are Awesome vs. FailArmy - (Episode 7)
We're starting off the week right with a new episode of People Are Awesome vs FailArmy! Enjoy another round of Expectations vs. Reality in collaboration with our friends at People Are Awesome & FailArmy!

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Everlasting Arms featuring Dr. John | Playing For Change | 2018
"You can lean on me brother, I can see you've carried too long..." This lyric is something we can all relate to. Sometimes life gets to be too much or too hard and we need somewhere positive to put our troubles so we can move on. Music is one of best places to put your problems and lay down your burdens, and when you hear Luke Winslow-King, Vasti Jackson, Dr. John, and Roots Gospel Voices of Mississippi sing these words you know everything is going to be alright.

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Ethan Forhetz Reports on Sketch of Suspected Thief
This really happened! It was a memorable sketch, and a memorable report about a sketch by Ethan Forhetz on KY3 News in Lancaster, PA. I can't stop watching this. I must be going mad!

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You probably know that not all roads on Earth are safe. But we are not only talking about some highway with sharp curves in the mountains. Sometimes the biggest number of accidents can take place on the plainest part of the route. But rather than scare you with words, we are gonna show you ten of the most dangerous roads in the world.

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The Border Collie that changed the world.
HANKY ALERT! The amazing life of Zeta, the Border Collie that walked 3200km along the coast of South Africa.

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