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Your Weird Relatives As Told By Pets
With Thanksgiving coming up, family dinners can get pretty weird. You have nosy relatives asking about your life, the relative that eats way too much, and the one that drinks way too much. These are all your weird relatives as told by pets!

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Sam West and  Autumn Jones - 2017 Carolina Classic Shag Dance 1st Place Winners
Sam West and Autumn Jones dance to "Pink Cadillac (feat. Bruce Springsteen)" by Jerry Lee Lewis. They were the 1st place winners of the 2017 Grand Nationals Carolina Classic Shag dance competition. This event is considered by some to be the most diverse Swing/Shag event in the world.
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Funny Turkey & Bird Videos Compilation 2017
Get ready for Thanksgiving with this brand new all birds compilation filled with funny clips, bloopers and moments of ducks, parrots, chickens, turkeys, seagulls and other funny birds.

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Ladyva - Honky Tonk Train Blues
Ladyva started playing the piano when she was 14, inspired by the music of the great masters of Boogie Woogie. She has also been successful in her second homeland, the Dominican Republic, where she appeared on over 30 popular TV shows. This is Meade Lux Lewis' Honky Tonk Train Blues played by Ladyva. Enjoy!

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What Dogs Really do when left Home Alone: Funny Dogs Maymo and Penny
Have you ever wondered what dogs do when their owners leave? Maymo and Penny show you some of the things they like to do when left home alone: they play poker, smoke cigars, break random objects, and generally have a good time. Watch their funny reaction when their owner comes home!

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