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Reindeer Video Compilation 2017 | Santa's Sleigh Team
Every year Santa Claus gathers the best of the best reindeer to help him pull his sleigh and deliver presents on Christmas Eve. We've got Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen...and of course Rudolph! But here's what they might be doing in their off season!

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Pistol Packin Paula - She's Just A Girl!
When she was a young girl she saw all the guys shooting guns. She said " Hey, can I try that?" and they told her that her hands were too small, so she went home and practiced, practiced, practiced and now she's doing it for a living and they're not! Paula Saletnik Enchanted Springs Ranch Boerne, TX Website:

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FUNNIEST Safari Animals and People Compilation
HILARIOUS! In today's video we see all the things you should not do when you and your family go on safari. Some of these people are CRAZY!

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WOW! I've never seen a lot of these hacks. I'm sure you will find one or sevearl that you will be able to use to help simplify your life and save you some money!

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Chewbacca joins Fort Worth Police Department
The Fort Worth Police Department knew things have been rough for Chewbacca lately. They hoped that they could find a place for him... it didn't go well! May the force be with you as you watch today's video.

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