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WIth You (I Feel Again)
Hanky Alert! With You (I Feel Again) is a reflection on how easy it is to be lonely in a crowd. Set to the song "Feel Again" by One Republic, we follow an emotionally numb teen who finds friendship and community in a surprising setting.
Added: 6th March 2017
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Best Compilation Of EVERYTHING for August 2017
From Blue Angels sneak pass, surprise twist during cat rescue, personal record log splitting to kid riding tricycle via leaf blower power, these are just a few of the awesome clips you will see in today's compilation. Enjoy!
Added: 1st September 2017
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Hope For Paws - Meet Boots and Babs!
These two special dogs only wanted to be loved, but someone didn't care and dumped them in an industrial area to fend for themselves. Never fear, a happy ending is near! Please donate $5 and help us save more dogs like Boots and Babs: http://www.HopeForPaws.org To adopt them, please contact our friends at Doggie Bonez Rescue: http://www.DoggieBonez.com
Added: 14th March 2017
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