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Best of Times
Best of Times.
Added: 9th November 2015
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Jennifer Bricker - The Girl Who Wasn't Allowed To Say Can't
Jennifer Bricker, born without legs, was placed for adoption by her natural parents as a baby. She was later adopted by Sharon and Gerald Bricker who decided to raise her like they had raised their three healthy sons. With no limitations and just one simple rule - Never say the word "Can't". When she turned sixteen, Jennifer learned an incredible secret... Watch, be inspired and share.
Added: 24th August 2014
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Happy Birthday, By Beethoven, Bach, Mozart - Nicole Pesce On Piano
Nicole Pesce in concert at Tempe Center for the Arts, not only showed her virtuosity, but gave us a taste of her creativity and humor. In this clip, she speculates on how the master composers may have played one of today's most popular songs.
Added: 5th September 2014
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This Is One Smart Crow!
Dr Alex Taylor sets a difficult problem solving task, will the crow defeat the puzzle? The bird is familiar with individual objects, but it's the first time he has seen eight at one time. A smart bird indeed!
Added: 10th February 2014
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Hilarious! - You Bet Your Life - Ramiro G. Gonzales
You may remember Gonzales Gonzales from John Wayne movies. He provided comedy in Rio Bravo, Hellfighters, and other Wayne movies. Here is where he got his start as an actor when he appeared as a contestant on 'You Bet Your Life'. Now this is truly funny. Groucho takes advantage of the situation based upon the audience laughter. John Wayne saw the event and put him in his movies.
Added: 13th June 2014
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