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Unbelievable No-Look Trick Shots Performed By A Little Girl
Riley Dashwood ( age 6 ) performs several amazing no-look trick shots using things from around the house. We promise this is real. No special or visual effects. Trick shot kid = persistence. Attempts: Short tube: 12 (several successes) Yellow paper ball: 64 Long tube: 1 (First go, no joke) Tennis ball rebound: 1hour x4 days (4 hours) approx 300 Spoon in cup: 12 Milk: 36 (over 2 days) DVD: 34 Toothbrush: 136 Toaster: 54 -- Toilet roll holder: 142 (close, but not achieved)
Added: 18th July 2015
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Comedian Jeanne Robertson - You Don't Know Garth Brooks?
Jeanne tells us a funny story about trying to get her husband to go to Arizona to see Garth Brooks. "Left Brain" has other ideas. Are you a "left brain"?... sometimes I think I am.

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Three Dogs Were Dumped On The Street By Their Owner...
Hope For Paws received a text on their emergency line telling them that a person drove to a neighborhood, threw out three dogs as well as a bag of bread in order for them to "survive". It is clear that both females, Nessie and Dee-Dee recently had puppies, and the owner probably felt like he got what he needed from them and so he dumped them along with the boy, Charlie. After receiving medical care, the dogs continued on to their foster home with Shelter Hope Pet Shop, and they are now looking for their loving forever homes.

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Best Birthday Present EVER!
Joshua Carr's daughter gets the best birthday surprise ever when she opens this giant present on her 3rd birthday.
Added: 19th February 2014
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Stinky Breath Prank
A police woman stops these guys to ask them if they have seen the man in the wanted poster but she gets distracted by their nasty breath... Watch all the little exercises she puts them through before revealing that this is a prank. I wish I could think up this stuff! Please subscribe

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