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Story of My Life (One Direction -- Piano/Cello Cover) - ThePianoGuys
As 'The Piano Guys' began their arrangement of One Direction's 'Story of My Life' they wanted it to feel like each note of the music was a word in a vivid story being told. When writing a song sometimes you just need a little spark. That catalyst came to them from a piece of classical music - one that had such a 'storybook feel' to it that they gleaned inspiration from it: Saint-Saens' 'Aquarium' from his Suite 'Carnival of the Animals.' It's an incredibly beautiful and transportive piece.
Added: 13th June 2015
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Stinky Breath Prank
A police woman stops these guys to ask them if they have seen the man in the wanted poster but she gets distracted by their nasty breath... Watch all the little exercises she puts them through before revealing that this is a prank. I wish I could think up this stuff! http://gags.justforlaughs.com Please subscribe

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Here's the Best of the Week People are Awesome videos! Today we have some amazing videos for this compilation, including BMX, skateboarding, parkour, basketball, pool trick shots, freerunning, hula hooping, breakdancing and juggling.

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Funny Cats Knocking Stuff on the Floor
Why do cats have so much beef with inanimate objects?
Added: 27th March 2015
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Why moms get NOTHING DONE!
Moms work their buns off all day and yet somehow nothing is done at the end of the day...this is why. Please like, comment and share!

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