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Jaw-dropping Performance of Man Balancing on 18-Foot Ladder
A Chaplin-esque circus performer attempts to go higher than ever on his 18-foot ladder! Watch Uzeyer Novruzov take his show to new heights on the Radio City Music Hall stage!

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See a Funky Beach Home Made From Old Streetcars
Streetcars carried passengers through the streets of Santa Cruz, California until 1926, when they were decommissioned and replaced by buses. So what happened to the streetcars? Mary and Gerhard Ringel know exactly where two are. They currently live inside them.
Added: 21st July 2015
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Charlie & Jackie Spotlight Dance at ShagAtlanta
Charlie & Jackie Spotlight Dance at ShagAtlanta 2013 ACSC Summer Workshop ~~ Be Myself Again by Eric Benet ~~ Video by Ronnie Walker
Added: 8th April 2014
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Seeking the Hidden Treasure of the Rocky Mountains
Six years ago, Forrest Fenn hid a treasure chest of gold and precious gems in the Rocky Mountains. The treasure map exists in the form of a poem called, "The Thrill of the Chase." Even with the clues, the treasure remains unfound ... Are you ready for an adventure?

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WOW! Johnny Carson's Unexpected Audience Guest
David Tolley had played piano for years.... he was still waiting for his big break. When he got a ticket to see The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson he never dreamed this would happen... What a lucky guy ! What a talented guy!
Added: 28th September 2015
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