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Tiny Birthday For A Tiny Hedgehog
This Hedgehog knows how to party! Curious about the ingredients? This was all 100% hamster and hedgie safe! The cake was made out of hamster friendly foods (like bananas and sugar-free applesauce) and the frosting out of hamster friendly, no sugar yogurt and rice flour, then dyed with beet juice!
Added: 10th July 2014
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12-Year-Old Crushes Sia's Chandelier! - Little Big Shots
Elha, a 12-year-old girl from the Philippines, absolutely crushes Sia's "Chandelier" on Little Big Shots.

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Mechanic Constructs Drivable Upside Down Truck
A man has built an incredible upside down truck that looks like a flipped-over vehicle. Rick Sullivan spent six months and $6,000 building the topsy-turvy truck from the parts of two separate vehicles.The road-legal car is created from a 1991 Ford Ranger pickup truck with a 1995 F-150 pickup truck body placed over the top - upside down.

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Amazing Trucks Driving Skills - Awesome Semi Trucks Drivers
Think you can drive? Watch this... From crossing raging rivers, quickest unloads ever, hanging off a cliff to near miss on the interstate, these are truly awesome and amazing truck driving skills!

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Cutest Sleeping Animals and Pets Reaction Weekly Compilation
Bet you can't watch just one! There's nothing funnier and equally adorable than watching your pet cat, dog, kitten or puppy behave as they sleep. Enjoy these hilarious pet reaction videos courtesy of AFV!

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