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Shammy The Miniature Horse
A TINY horse who suffers from a rare form of dwarfism has become an Internet superstar after his owner posted a vidoe to Facebook. Little Shammy's condition may make him smaller than his fellow equines - but that doesn't stop him being mischievous and delighting his online fan base. After Michele posted a video to a Facebook page she set up for Shammy eh quickly gained 5,000 fans so she decided to write a book about his exploits. Unfortunately his condition will inevitably lead to problems later on in life. Search for Shammy The Dwarf on Facebook.

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Lost in the Fifties- Another Time, Another Place
Take a trip in time back to the Fifties and relive the culture, the icons and everyday life that made it a very special time. Also a brief look at the racism and McCarthyism that marked the era... The good old days?
Added: 30th April 2014
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Crusoe's Dog-Friendly Florida Vacation
Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund takes a little holiday to Florida, staying in Homosassa, Key Largo, Key West, and Miami, visiting all the dog-friendly attractions and home exchanges along the way. Music Credits: ----------------------------------- Holiday, by Collie Buddz

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A Man, A Dog and A Hummingbird - The Three Amigos
Great Big Smile Alert! This man has gone the distance for a tiny hummingbird his once-feral dog helped rescue

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Juggling Strip Tease | Strahlemann and SOHNE
Strahlemann and SOHNE may very well be the best at mutitasking I have ever seen. I just knew they were going to drop those juggling pins/clubs or fall off the stage. The things people can do never cease to amaze me.

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