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The Other Christmas Gift
Hanky Alert! When faced with a tough decision, will these kids pick a Christmas gift for themselves or give it up for a gift for their family? Thanks to Ron B. for sharing today's video.
Added: 20th December 2016
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Jeanne Robertson | Don't Mess with Teenage Hussies
Jeanne tells a funny story about her son getting grounded and what she and her husband did when they found out he had slipped out the bedroom window. The ending is extremely funny!

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Christmas with a Baby
Things get a little more complicated when you have a baby in the house around Christmas time. These new parents learned the hard way.

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Crazy Piano Player Guy Rocks Out in Hardware Store
.... So this teenager ( Jacob Tolliver ) walks into a hardware store and finds an unfinished piano..... and suddenly we get a Jerry Lee Lewis classic!! ( or two! )
Added: 26th July 2015
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Extreme Bicycle Skills - Danny MacAskill  Aviemore Spring
Danny MacAskill pulls out all the stops with a range of awe-inspiring and technical tricks, using the beautiful landscape of Aviemore, UK as his playground. In case you're curious, Muc-Off carries a range of bike and car care products in the UK. Filming and Editing - Dave Mackison Song - 'Souvenir by Ages and Ages'

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