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Julie and Ellie May | Eukanuba Friends For Life 2015
Ellie May was brought into Oaklands Care home by her owner Julie and now lives there helping the residents cope with their dementia. Eukanuba Friends For Life celebrates heart-warming stories of how humans and dogs transform and enrich each other's lives. Or on

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Sea Eagle Rescue And Release
A Sea Eagle was seen high up in a nest and appeared to be tangled in some type of wire or fishing line. Geoff Hutchinson from teams up with Birdlife Australia to perform a unique Sea Eagle rescue and release. I love watching good people helping animals, don't you?

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Nora The Polar Bear - Second Chance
In a very short time, Nora has become one of the most loved polar bears in the world. But she almost didn't make it past her first week. This is her story.
Added: 30th September 2017
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Strong Independent Pets || Awesome Pet Compilation
The most self-sufficient pets ever! Loved the cat knocking things off the table. Just glad he isn't my cat. Can you pick a favorite?

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Mother Grizzly Bear And Her Cubs
CBS Sunday Morning often ends their show with a glimpse of nature most of us would otherwise never see. This week its Yellowstone National Park, where a mother grizzly bear and her cubs are the stars of the show. No music, no narration, just the beautiful sounds of nature. Enjoy!

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