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Top 10 Things Most People Cant Do
OK, Yes, I tried most of these.... and couldn't do any of them. From auto-tickling to body multi-tasking to gleeking and more, watch how these people do it... and then give a try for yourself.

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Alex Magala Performs Insane Chainsaw Stunt | Britain’s Got Talent 2016
Fire? Check? Pole? Check? Chainsaw? Er, check? Alex Magala is back with another death defying stunt, this time, coming face-to-face with a chainsaw.

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Dylan Winter and the Starling Murmurations
Dylan Winter has been a wildlife photographer for probably 30 years. He has filmed animal behavior all over the world but he says there is nothing he's seen to match what happens about 3 miles from his own back door...
Added: 9th March 2014
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Funny Dogs Chasing Their Own Leash Compilation
Legend says that these dogs are still chasing those fast and furious leashes... Except the last one.

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Restore Your Faith In Humanity In 4 Minutes Flat
If you're ever worried about losing faith in humankind, despair not: here is the antidote. Cue happy tears... "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop PLEASE SHARE for the good of humanity. Music: 'Because of You' by Gareth Johnson / Paul Mottram
Added: 10th November 2014
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