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Video Of The Day - Random
Cute Dog Maymo and Cute Sister Penny at Play
Cute Dog Maymo and Cute Sister Penny at Play - Cute dog Maymo and his cute sister Penny dry off after being out in the rain by playing with a towel. These cute beagles also stare at french fries, spin around on a rope toy, and play in the snow in the cutest way.
Added: 26th January 2014
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How many times have you experienced true luck? Do you consider yourself a lucky devil? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll see if you have good karma or if luck hates you and wants to see you suffer... Mmm, well... We've seen almost every video in Youtube and we can assure you that luck is real; moreover, some people are not simply survivors… they are ironmen (or women)! So, please meet the luckiest people in the world.

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Dover Police DashCam Confessional (Shake it Off)
Delaware police officer Master Cpl. Jeff Davis knows how to shake off the stress of the job! A patrol car dash cam caught a nearly 20-year veteran of the force lip-syncing and head bopping to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off". Turns out this video was posted by the Dover Police Department as part of a series they call "Dash Cam Confessionals" and was shot in a vacant parking lot. The video has now gone viral with over 20 million hits on Youtube!
Added: 17th January 2015
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Enjoy some perfectly timed photos. The cow jumping over the dogs is my favorite, what's yours?

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What This Man Does To Surprise His Dog Is Incredibly Awesome!
While planning his family holiday, Kai - the bulldog's dad couldn't stand the thought of leaving his bulldog behind. Watch the surprise he prepared for the bulldog at his first kennel visit. Made possible thanks to Dad's true love.
Added: 1st September 2014
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