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Amazing Dog vs Water Puppy Pet Video Compilation 2016
From puppies playing in a fountain, to dogs barking at water bottles, these pets are pretty adorable when it comes to interacting with water.

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Fine Dinning Has Gone To The Dogs - Hilarious!
You may have seen previous video's of dogs eating at the table but this funny canine takes it to a new level complete with a live audience. I had lots of good laughs watching this one...
Added: 11th February 2014
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73-year-old Risks Life And Limb In Record Breaking Bungee Jump
A 73-YEAR-OLD daredevil Brit has rolled back the years by setting a new bungee jumping record. Former cabbie Ray Woodcock set a new British - and potential world record - for the highest jump with a full body submersion into water with a leap from 465ft. The jump took place at Chepstow Quarry - the site of the highest bungee jump in the UK - with Ray plunging into the freezing cold water below, watched by partner Heather. And using the waterproof EE Action Cam, secured to his chest, Ray was able to live stream the stunt to his children and grandchildren back home. Ray’s incredible leap is currently being reviewed by Guinness World Records. All necessary health and safety measures were taken and Ray completed a full medical assessment prior to the jump.
Added: 19th June 2015
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The Turkey Whisperer
A bunch of guys were pheasant hunting on a public piece of property in Montana when suddenly they heard turkeys gobbling. Where these guys are from, there are virtually no turkeys, so they were amazed. On their way back to the truck one of them said "I should strut at them and call them with my famous turkey call". The turkeys began to work their way toward the guys and that's when the "Turkey Whisperer' jumps into action... no turkeys were hurt during the making of this video.

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Meet The Family With Six Fingers On Each Hand!
Michael Mosley visits the Da Silvas in Brasilia to see a family who grow six digits on each hand, something they celebrate and cherish. Out of 26 family members 14 have an extra finger on each hand. What all could you do different if you had six fingers on each hand?

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