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Silent Night A Cappella (Official Video)
Silent Night is a popular Christmas carol, composed in 1818 by Franz Xaver Gruber to lyrics by Joseph Mohr in the small town of Oberndorf bei Salzburg, Austria. 7th Ave is a group of vocalists, brought together in 2016 by Chris Rupp, the founder of Home Free. The band members are Chris Rupp, Kelley Jakle, Adam Bastien and Tristin Rupp with special guest Marie Nicole.
Added: 9th December 2017
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People Are Awesome: Summer 2015 Edition
Today we have a video compilation of ordinary people doing awesome things. Ah to be young again!

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Wife Surprises Husband In Funny Pregnancy Announcement
Wife surprises husband... Funny and surprising pregnancy announcement. Watch his reaction when he finds out he's going to be a DAD!
Added: 5th February 2014
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Funny Owls And Cute Owl Videos Compilation
From an owl parting a humans hair, owl enjoying being petted, owl in a towel, owl making strange noises, to owls showing their big beautiful eyes, these are just a few of the funny and beautiful owls you will find in today's owl video compilation.

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A Wrong Turn And A Starving Horse Changes Young Girls Life!
Illinois teen finds a starving horse on the side of the road and walks it 9 miles home to safety.
Added: 19th September 2014
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