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Carol Burnett -- Court Reporter
The butler did it! Carol Burnett is the court reporter but she can't help but voice her opinions as to how guilty she thinks this guy is. Get ready to laugh out loud!

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STRONG LANGUAGE! Intense Black Bear Encounter!
Two Canadian runners encountered a black bear while on a nature jog. See what happens next... What would you do?
Added: 16th June 2014
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Dogs and Baby Ducks Compilation
Funny dogs and cute baby ducklings! You thought dogs and babies were cute, wait til you see this!

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This Best of the Month video compilation features longboarding, parkour, freerunning, pool trick shots, football freestyle and an epic golf putt!

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Worlds's Fastest Archer - You Got To See This Guy!
For thousands of years, the bow and arrow was used for war. Those days are long gone and most people today only know of archery through TV and movies. However, as the Danish archer Lars Andersen has proved, Hollywood archery has very little to do with actual war archery. Watch as Lars makes Robin Hood look like a rank beginner.
Added: 25th January 2015
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