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Video Of The Day - Random
Double Dog Tricks by Jesse and Kaine
Amazing Double Dog Tricks performed by Jesse and Kaine! These two have the cutest friendship and grew up together; going on many adventures around the states, swimming, hiking, playing, visiting the beach, and performing tricks in front of crowds among many more fun activities. Kaine left this Earth on February 24th, 2017 and he lived a great life full of love and adventures with his family.

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Today I Learned Owls Facts!
Did you know a group of owls is called a parliament? Or that they can't move their eyes? Get ready to learn a bunch of amazing facts about owls in this addition of Today I Learned!

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The Masqueraders - A Change Is Gonna Come - AGT 2017
They had a hit in the 60s, but racial tensions made their label send them home. Now The Masqueraders hit the AGT stage for their second chance. Will they make it to the finals?
Added: 28th June 2017
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Elephant Baby-Mother Love Will Make You Cry
A 5 day old elephant calf gets stranded in a large muddy pond. The mother is close by but unable to help.... then man steps in to save the day! The mother-baby reunion is priceless!

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Football Comedy Routine | Dean Martin and Jonathan Winters
Football can certainly be a funny sport or at least it is when Dean Martin interviews Jonathan Winters as coach and player(s).

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