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Meet Guitar Maker Michael Stevens
Today tag along with a musician who's making his mark on the music world. From the shop to a stage to a standing ovation it's been said in the music business that Michael Stevens is a living legend. He likes to say that it's really inspiration that creates his designs. Inspiration that comes from the broken landscape of the west Texas mountains.

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People Are Awesome vs. FailArmy - (Episode 9)
We're starting the month off right with a new episode of People Are Awesome vs FailArmy featuring the most epic wins and dismal fails!

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Best Videos of the Year 2017 | People Are Awesome
From Parkour, Snowboarding, Water Skiing to a guy jumping over an object higher than his head, these are some of the clips you will in today's video compilation. The very best videos of the year as picked by the good folks at People Are Awesome.

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92 Year Sax Player Don Hill With The Jive Aces - When You're Smiling
WOW! Don Hill, 92 year old sax player best known for his wild solos with the Treniers but who also played with Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday joined The Jive Aces on stage at Viva Las Vegas as a surprise addition to their Jives & Dollz show!
Added: 22nd May 2014
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Dear Kitten: The Forbidden Water Bowl
Cat tells kitten about his responsibilities in the room with the forbidden water bowl.

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