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Horse Stops Woman From Taking Her Own Life
This woman was about to take her own life - when a very special horse showed her how much she was still loved.

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Red Skelton on Johnny Carson Show 1983
Get ready to laugh! Red & Johnny have a funny conversation about Red's comdey career. Funny stuff!

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100 Pound Woman Hauls in 300 Pound Alligator!
When I saw that tiny little woman jump on that gators back I almost fell off my ( very safe ) chair. With a tricky, muddy location, Ashley is forced to bring in an alligator using her bare hands and brute force. AnimalPlanetsGatorBoys
Added: 7th October 2014
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Tammy and Todd Miracle - Back to the Wild
The story of the miraculous journey of Tammy & Todd, two foxes that were "not quite road kill". It's proof that miracle can happen...all it takes is love and compassion and an understanding that all life is precious and deserves a second chance. Website:

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Police Dog Jumps Up and Down on Agent's Chest in Mock CPR Demonstration
Watch as a pup does doggy CPR on a police officer! A Madrid police video shows an agent falling before the dog practiced the lifesaving action in a "master way" by running over and jumping up and down on the man's chest. The mock demonstration was a success and shows dogs really are man's best friend.

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