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Boogie Woogie Dance Show - Let's Boogie!
Boogie Woogie is both the name of a dance and that of a Jazz music subcategory, with a particular rhythm, mostly provided by the piano. As far as Boogie Woogie dance is concerned, it is the result of Swing Dance evolutions such as Lindy Hop.
Added: 27th December 2017
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A Man, A Dog and A Hummingbird - The Three Amigos
Great Big Smile Alert! This man has gone the distance for a tiny hummingbird his once-feral dog helped rescue

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First EVER Hot Air Balloon Flight UNDERGROUND!
Trifonov, a seventy-year-old Austrian with a Croatian passport, was the first man to try, and succeed in flying a hot-air balloon underground. This experienced hot-air balloon pilot is already a proud holder of 4 Guinness records, and flying into the Mamet Cave, touching it's bottom and successfully flying out of the Cave is likely to be his fifth record, since no-one has ever done such a thing before.
Added: 10th October 2014
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Chickens Just Want To Have Fun!
From chickens wearing sweat pants, chickens riding on the backs of cats, chickens riding skate boards to chickens just being chickens, these are some of the funny clips you will see in today's video.

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Emma and Cinnamon | Little Girl and Horse Are Best Friends!
Meet Emma the girl and Cinnamon the mustang, the cutest best friends out there! With the help of her dad, Emma takes Cinnamon for a walk in the snow. For more check out: JustinDunnMustangHorsemanship
Added: 30th March 2014
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