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Watch What Happens When Elephants Follow Woman Riding A Bicycle
Watch this incredible footage of elephants following a woman named Lek who is riding her bicycle. See what Faamai the elephant does when Lek gets off her bike at Elephant Nature Park. This is the special bond between an elephant and a human who has looked after her since she was born. Looks a little scary to me, how about you?

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Dean Martin And  Foster Brooks - The Airline PIlot
Dean Martin is having a drink at the bar when Foster Brooks comes stumbling in. Foster is an airline pilot you never want to fly with.

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8 Man-Made Landscapes That Redefine Awesome
In today's video we explore the Great Indoors -- 8 fascinating man-made environments that you probably have never seen. I would love to see the SubTropolis in Kansas City and the library in Dublin, Ireland. Have you visited any of these places? Which one(s) would you like to visit. Please post your comments in the section below the video and share on Facebook.

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Today I Learned: Wolves
Whether you are a Game of Thrones fan or a Twilight fan or anything in between, there is no denying that wolves are the most majestic creatures ever! Howls, blue eyes and more in this amazing wolves compilation!

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What Happiness Looks Like! by Moose The Basset Hound
There is nothing Moose loves more than going for a cruise in his Dad's Porsche Cayman, his head sticking out the window, the wind in his hair, and his big ears flapping in the wind. Am I jealous? Yes!
Added: 25th September 2014
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