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The popular Youtube channel 'People Are Awesome' wraps up the year with an epic compilation of some of the best human physical feats of 2014. I'm always amazed at the the new things people come up with to show just how awesome we really are!

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Farmer Serenades Cattle With Trombone
Wait for it! At first you can't see a single cow but as this farmer continues to play his trombone the cows start to appear one by one. By the end of the video... well, just watch to see what happens
Added: 5th August 2014
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10 Mind Blowing Child Prodigies
They might just be kids, but they're some of the smartest, most talented people in the world. From an 11 year old Harvard student to a teenager helping the US government beat terrorism, today we hear about 10 Mind Blowing Child Prodigies.

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Animal Song - Sung By Animals!
A beautiful serenade from our friends in the animal kingdom.
Added: 18th June 2014
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You Make Me Feel Like
Get ready to be blown away! Aretha Franklin performs her 1967 single "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" at the Kennedy Center Honors 2015. The song was co-written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin, with input from Atlantic producer Jerry Wexler.

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