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Animals are Awesome - The best of 2016
Wow, what an amazing year it has been. Thanks for sharing the adventure with me throughout 2016. I hope you enjoy today's video. From a koala having a butterfly land on her nose, koala cuddles, the happiest of wombats in the world, through to pygmy marmoset babies, cotton top tamarins enjoying iceblocks, red pandas being adorable, baby kangaroo joeys, cheetahs getting brain freeze and even the cutest of baby kid goats discovering the world - there is something for everyone here.
Added: 23rd December 2016
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Disaster Relief Donations That Don't Bring Relief
Many of the items we Americans donate in times of disaster turn out to be of no use to those in need. Sometimes, they even get in the way of humanitarian workers doing their job under difficult circumstances. Scott Simon of NPR reports on the useless, often incomprehensible contributions that constitute what aid workers call "the second disaster." This video was a real eye opener for me. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Julie and Ellie May | Eukanuba Friends For Life 2015
Ellie May was brought into Oaklands Care home by her owner Julie and now lives there helping the residents cope with their dementia. Eukanuba Friends For Life celebrates heart-warming stories of how humans and dogs transform and enrich each other's lives. Or on

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Check out our best videos of the month compilation featuring parkour, martial arts, gymnastics, slacklining, basketball trick shots, street luge and trampoline tricks.

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We Are All Woven Together By A Thread Of...
Hanky Alert! It's been said that no rain drop thinks it's responsible for the flood but Donella Parker and Josey Jones are proof that one drop, one plastic bag, one person can start a wave of kindness. They are reaching out to their fellow man without judgment or condition because we are all woven together by a thread of common decency. Donella Parker First Presbyterian Church 1311 McCaulley St. Sweetwater, TX 79556 Phone: 325-235-5491 Website

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