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Top 10 Funny Goat Videos - Funniest Goats 2017
Goats are one of the funniest animals. Goats make funny noises and act in a hilarious way. Try not to laugh while watching these. Now I know what happened to my home work!

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Surely your moms and grannies have told you that you are a special and an amazing person. But why? Maybe because you helped a lot at home, studied really well at school or were a very hard-working person. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but there are a lot of people out there just like you. Do you want to see really unique persons? In today's video we will show you 10 truly special people, whose powers are the envy of us all.

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Most Funny and Cute Baby Goat Videos 2017
The most cute and funny baby goat videos. Best goat compilation 2016-2017. Funny baby goats, try not to laugh!

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2CELLOS - Whole Lotta Love vs. Beethoven 5th Symphony
These guys are intense! 2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing their arrangement of Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin & 5th Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven mashup.

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Bird Taking Off at 20,000 fps (213 milliseconds) In 1080p60 HD
Meet Destin, a Husband, a Father, and full time Engineer. He has travelled to the rain forest and videoed Macaws flying off of a clay lick... borrowed homing pigeons from a friend, spoke to people who raise birds. The more he learned about birds, the more he was fascinated with how they operate. In today's video he finds a small bird inside a house, after catching it, he decided to film it's release in slow motion.... Best viewed full screen in 1080p60 HD.

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