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The highly acclaimed Friesian Stallion, Frederik the Great is known throughout the world for his majestic photographs and videos. With his breathtaking beauty and Gentle Giant personality, Frederik the Great quickly became one of the most beloved Friesians to millions worldwide. Winning several blue ribbons in the USDF and USEF Dressage arena, captivating audiences in show exhibitions, being sought after by Hollywoods movie industry, it's no wonder that the Media, Judges and Fans have referred to him as one of Power, Elegance, Nobility and Very Showy. This Fairy-tale Stallion is owned by Pinnacle Friesians. Photography by Cally Matherly
Added: 30th August 2015
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Rain Dance Friday Night ( Weather Permitting ) - George Carlin Comedian
Here's a very early George Carlin standup routine, before he became the hippie comic. He was a regular on the Merv Griffin Show in the mid-'60s. This is one of his classic bits from that era.
Added: 19th April 2015
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4 Foot Long Samson Is New York's Biggest Cat!
MEET Samson, New York's biggest cat - weighing 28 pounds and measuring an incredible four foot in length. The hulking feline is chauffeured around in his very own super-size carriage and spends his down time playing fetch - just like a dog. The four-year-old Maine Coon breed has now reached celebrity status due to his impressive stature - and has amassed over 104,000 followers on Instagram. The insatiable kitty eats six cans of food a day to feed his massive appetite. Oh, and he helps his human get lots of dates!!

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The Secret life of Horses - honeysada
Horses are amazing creatures and certainly to watch them play is something extraordinary. It's a magical moment when a half-ton animal jumps playfully up the air like a little kitten... All horses here are adult horses, the youngest are two mares Corona and Blue. On a quiet evening, all of them get into this playful behavior and they take off running across the meadow bucking and jumping... for no apparent reason. The best explanation is that they are happy and in an excellent mood, they exuberantly release energy with this kind of play. Extra credit to Corona who was fully involved with honeysada in making this video ..
Added: 2nd May 2018
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Crazy Piano Player Guy Rocks Out in Hardware Store
.... So this teenager ( Jacob Tolliver ) walks into a hardware store and finds an unfinished piano..... and suddenly we get a Jerry Lee Lewis classic!! ( or two! )
Added: 26th July 2015
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