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What This Guy Does On A Bike Blew Me Away!
I couldn't take my eyes off this video! From stump jumping to riding along the top of what looks like about a one inch wide fence, this guy does some of the most incredible trick ridding I have ever seen. Ali C is ridding an Inspired Arcade bike and this was filmed in Glasgow. If I were a few years younger ( OK, many years younger ) I would have one of these bikes on my Christmas list for sure. Song: Tantalus - Menomena
Added: 21st November 2014
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Best Carol Burnett Show Bloopers
A collection of the best Carol Burnett Show bloopers that will make you laugh the rest of the day.

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Dailey & Vincent  When I Reach That Home Up There [Live]
Dailey & Vincent - Official Video for “When I Reach That Home Up There (Live)", Dailey & Vincent is an American bluegrass music group composed of Jamie Dailey (guitar, bass, vocals), Darrin Vincent (mandolin, guitar, bass, vocals), Aaron McCune (guitar, vocals), Jeff Parker (mandolin, guitar, vocals), Patrick McAvinue (fiddle), Shaun Richardson (guitar, vocals), Bob Mummert (drums) and Jessie Baker (banjo, guitar, vocals).

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Amy Purdy - Living beyond limits
When she was 19, Amy Purdy lost both her legs below the knee. And now ... she's a pro snowboarder (and a killer competitor on "Dancing with the Stars"!). In this powerful talk, she shows us how to draw inspiration from life's obstacles.
Added: 19th July 2015
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