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2017 Champion Swing 1st Place Winners - Sam West And Ellen Taylor
The USA Grand Nationals were held on Memorial Weekend, May 25th - May 29th, 2017, at the elegant Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. More than 1,000 dancers from around the country came together for this very exciting dance competition and party. Sam West And Ellen Taylor took 1st place in the Swing category. I know I would love to be able to dance like that, how about you?
Added: 3rd August 2017
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It Aint Braggin If Its True!
He may not be the star of a hit TV show, but see how one man has created his very own Duck Dynasty. Charlie Holder & James “Cowboy” Fernandez 4970 Wilson Groves, TX 77619 Phone: 409-962-1636 Website:

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Great Dane Dog Befriends Wild Horses
This sanctuary rescues wild horses from auctions where they're rounded up to be sold to anyone who will buy them. They're so scared at first, but a giant dog always makes sure they get plenty of attention. To help Clare and Barkley save more farm animals, you can support Skydog Sanctuary:

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Emotional Animals Hugging Humans Compilation
Animals hug their human friends: Lions, apes, cows, dogs, bears, parrots and more can all be affectionate and show surprising tenderness when it comes to expressing their love and appreciation for people.

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How To Not Pick Up A Woman - The Best of The Carol Burnett Show
Harvey Korman tries to teach Tim Conway how to pick up women... it doesn't go well. I'm still laughing!
Added: 29th June 2017
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